• All-new user interface designed and developed in-house by Acura engineers
  • System named a 2018 “10 Best UX” by WardsAuto
  • Since June launch, RDX records four consecutive months of record sales

The new Acura True Touchpad Interface™ available in the 2019 RDX has significantly changed the way drivers interact with their vehicles. It’s an intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface designed from a clean sheet around the driver and the driving experience. The new interface recently received high praise from WardsAuto in their annual “10 Best UX” awards, proclaiming “It raises the bar for the industry.”

From cutting-edge features to an eye-catching design that aims to reduce the potential for driver distraction, Acura’s True Touchpad Interface combines the best elements of a conventional touchscreen with those of a remote-based interface. Below are some of the key features, applauded by media, that set the True Touchpad Interface apart from the rest:

Absolute Positioning 
Unlike conventional pad-based systems, with the True Touchpad Interface, there is no cursor to navigate or relocate. Instead, the touchpad is precisely mapped, one-to-one, with the action on the center display – marking the world’s first application of absolute positioning in the driving environment. Simply, a touch at any location of the touchpad corresponds directly with that same location on the display.

“It’s one of the most unique and intuitive tech additions to any vehicle in this segment – and far superior to counterparts that have come before it.” – Motor1

High-mounted HD Display
The True Touchpad Interface features a wide, 10.2-inch full-HD display mounted high atop the dash, close to the driver’s natural line of sight. The screen displays a newly designed operating system with simple, clean graphics and menu structures designed to work in concert with the touchpad.

“I was able to quickly grasp the system’s logic in terms of screens and menus and getting where I wanted to go with the least amount of effort and exasperation.” –

Customizable App Layout
The Android-based operating system underlying the True Touchpad Interface allows for smartphone-like customization of “Apps”, such as audio sources and the available satellite-based navigation, as well as “Favorites”, frequently used content like destinations, radio stations and phone contacts. Apps and Favorites used most often can be placed directly on the user’s home screen, while those Apps not used (Auxiliary Audio for example) can be removed entirely.

“… it became clear that this is easily the most finely-tuned and tunable interface on the road.” – Gear Patrol

The Touchpad
The highlight of the True Touchpad Interface is the touchpad itself. Supporting ease-of-use, the touchpad has a subtle concave form factor with a physical boarder, so the user can identify the center and edges without looking down. While a touch on the pad highlights an item, a physical press is required to make a selection, preventing mis-selections. A naturally placed palm rest makes operating the touchpad comfortable while driving.

“… the goal of controlling that screen without your hand bumping and swaying as you aim for specific items on it…is solved with the True Touchpad.” – Forbes

Two Zone Interface
The primary and secondary zones on the touchpad correspond directly to the primary and secondary information featured on the high-mounted HD screen. This allows for multi-content viewing, quick screen swapping, and the ability to receive phone calls and messages without interrupting content displayed on the primary zone. Navigation on the left zone and music on the right zone is a common configuration.

“That’s what you want … something you can use without too much interference from driving and if possible without taking your eyes off the road.” – Engadget

Handwriting and Voice Recognition 
The True Touchpad Interface offers two additional methods of input, handwriting and natural language voice recognition. Both allow the driver or passengers to quickly and easily enter destinations, search for contacts or play a specific song while the vehicle is in motion.

“…things — like the crazy-good character recognition that allows you to quickly enter addresses in the navigation system and the natural-language voice recognition — are spot-on.”– Gear Patrol 

Physical Menu Shortcuts
Three easy-to-reach buttons at the top of the touchpad are critical to the ease of operation, and allow the user to quickly jump back one-step, return to the home screen, or list the cards available for display on the secondary zone.

“It offers the intuitive interaction of a touchscreen with fewer of the ‘glance time’ issues of such a system.” – Edmunds

Interactive Head-Up Display
When equipped with the Advance Package, the RDX features a full-color interactive 10.5-inch head-up display with a wide array of customizable information, projected within easy view of the driver.

“The new head-up display in the Acura RDX is one of the best we’ve seen.” – Motor1