Fastop fundraising program generates funds for the Burnett Calvert Hospice House

PrinceFrederick, MD, Tuesday, October 22, 2018 – The output of funds have risen asthe Gott Company continues to support charities through its “Got ToGive” program at the Fastop locations throughout Calvert and St. Mary’scounties. After providing continuous support for Calvert Hospice over manyyears, the company decided to take their support one step further and raisefunds for the Burnett Calvert Hospice House through its newly developeddonation program.  Doubling whatcustomers contributed at Fastop checkout counters, Calvert Hospice received atotal of $3,054.46 which will help offset operating expense such as staffingand patient care. 

“Of the 65 residents we cared for at the Burnett Calvert Hospice House in 2017, 45% of them did not have the money to pay the full room and board fee,” explains Director of Development Claire Piason. “It is because of compassionate people like you that allow us to provide care and support to anyone in need regardless of their financial circumstances.”

(Left to right) Calvert Hospice Director of Development Claire Piason, The Gott Company Operations Manager Jim Miller, Calvert Hospice Executive Director Jean Fleming.

The Gott Company looks to continue raising money for local charities through its Fastop stores. Customers are encouraged to continue donating when they stop by any one of eight Fastop locations throughout the southern Maryland area.

We appreciate the customers and crew members getting behind the campaign to ensure it is successful,” says Jim Miller, Gott Company Operations Manager.

Customers who donate are encouraged to snap a picture of their donation and join the online conversation by using the hashtag #GOTToGive.