Opportunity for Large-scale Plantings on Private Lands

Photo of tree and shrub seedlings packaged for delivery from the John S. Ayton State Tree Nursery

Annapolis, MD- The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is now accepting orders for shrub and tree seedlings from the John S. Ayton State Forest Tree Nursery for the spring 2019 planting season.

Thenurseryoffers more than 50 species of shrubs and trees for large-scale plantings on private land to meet a wide variety of conservation, environmental and landscaping needs. It also offers 20 different “pollinator friendly” options.

A minimum order of 25 seedlings per species is required, and supplies are limited.

Nursery customers are mostly individual landowners looking to enhance the beauty of their property as well as contribute to the environment. Shrub and tree plantings provide both economic and environmental benefits, including cleaner air, energy conservation, filtering and retaining water and essential habitat for wildlife.

Orders can be made by emailingseedlingsales.dnr@maryland.gov.