St. Mary’s City, MD- Recently, a state delegate and senate candidate forum was hosted on Cecil TV with Todd Eberly, St. Mary’s College associate professor of political science and interim director for the Center for the Study of Democracy, serving as the moderator for the evening.

“When we decided we wanted to host the candidates for a debate, Professor Eberly was the first person who came to mind as a possible moderator. He was my adviser while I was a public policy major at St. Mary’s College, and I’ve always appreciated his perspective on state and national politics,” said Alison Donley ’13.

Donley joined Cecil TV after graduating from St. Mary’s College. The television operation, focused on the culture and current events of Cecil County, was started as a brainchild of Donley’s father.

“Our goal is to fill the electronic media void in this part of Maryland and to provide a platform for businesses to reach local customers,” said Donley.

Since November 2016, Donley also produces and co-hosts a weekly show 30@6 which is published online and airs on cable every weekday. Her father serves as technical and creative director.

According to Donley, “We started out interviewing notable local personalities and musicians out in the community or in our studio. Our coverage has since expanded to include schools, local and regional politics, county government, and a variety of other issues that impact our viewers.

As we grow, we are expanding our coverage, reach, and offerings. For example, while most of Cecil TV’s content is currently focused on Cecil County, the debate provided voters throughout Maryland’s 1st Congressional District with information that could guide how they vote in next month’s midterm election.”

The debate and 30@6 can be found online