Hollywood, MD– Southern Maryland has some of the best public hunting grounds in the Mid-Atlantic. One of the highest hunter success rates and generous bag limits, you can have an amazing hunting trip.

Southern Maryland is in Region B, which covers all of Maryland except for Alleghany, Garrett and the Western portion of Washington Counties.

Antlered White Tailed Archery Season takes place during various times between September 7, 2018- January 31, 2018. The limit is one for the season. Muzzle-loader Season is Oct, 18-20 and Dec. 15-29, 2018, while firearm season is November 24- Dec. 8, 2018.

Anterless White-Tailed Archery Season is various times from Sept. 7, 2018- January 31, 2019. The bag limit for this hunt is 15 per season. Muzzle-loader times are Oct. 18-27 and Dec. 15-29, 2018 and the bag limit is 10. Firearms Season runs Nov.24-Dec 8 and Jan. 4-6, 2019 and the bag limit is also 10.

Now where to hunt? As we said some of the best land is in Southern Maryland, and here are three great locations. Be sure to check out each locations regulations and to check with the State of Maryland to ensure you comply with all state laws.

Parkers Creek Wildlife Management Area(WMA)

Parkers Creek WMA is an 1810-acre property located in Prince Frederick(Calvert County, MD. Parkers Creek was named after William Parker, one of the original founders of Anne Arundel County. In 1651 he was granted a 600-acre tract known as Parkers Cliffs. William Parker returned to England and the land he owned in Calvert County was left to his nephew, George Calvert.

This area is for deer hunting only and is open during all deer seasons. The land is mostly forested, but does have some swamp, marsh, upland field and agriculture elements. There are trails winding through the property that provide access for hunters, hikers and birders. Hikers can observe ancient shell deposits from the Miocene Epoch that produce fossils along the Chesapeake Bay. Hikers will find extensive trails for bird-watching, nature photography, or just a daytime get-away.

You’ll need to have a Southern Maryland Public Hunting permit, along with a reservation.

Cedar Point Wildlife Management Area

This 1926-acre site situated on a peninsula between Nanjemoy Creek and the Potomac River, in southwestern Charles County consists of a mix of forested and upland habitats as well as tidal marsh, non-tidal ponds and wetlands, and agricultural fields. The property was acquired from the Corporation of the Roman Catholic Clergymen in April of 2009.

With habitats ranging from tidal mudflat to mature forest, Cedar Point WMA has a wide variety of wildlife. The tidal marsh and non-tidal wetlands abound with waterfowl, muskrat and turtles. Adult and immature bald eagles can be seen almost daily hunting the marshes and upland areas. A wide variety of forest interior dwelling birds can be observed during the nesting season. Upland areas featuring wildflowers and native grasses, early successional areas attract a myriad of species to the upland openings.

You’ll need to have aSouthern Maryland Public Hunting permit.

Myrtle Grove Wildlife Management Area

Located in western-central Charles County, Myrtle Grove WMA contains hardwood forests, wildlife plantings, natural and man-made wetlands and early succession habitats. This 4,460-acre tract is located in the forested bottomlands of Mattawoman Creek and was once home to the Piscataway Indians. Myrtle Grove WMA is dominated by mature upland and bottomland forests consisting of oaks, hickories, maples, sycamores, poplars, beech, and several other tree species.

Visitors will find a 23-acre lake, a 10-acre pond, two green-tree reservoirs, and numerous streams on Myrtle Grove WMA. The 23-acre Myrtle Grove Lake and the greentree reservoirs yield a bountiful harvest of large-mouth bass, bluegills, pickerel and catfish. Here, anglers will find year-round fishing and easy access. Sportsmen can pursue white-tailed deer, squirrels, woodcock, rabbits, quail, waterfowl, mourning doves, wild turkeys and other game species.

You’ll need to have aSouthern Maryland Public Hunting permit.?

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