Press Release, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office

The County Attorney’s Office for St. Mary’s County and the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office announce the successful civil prosecution to have the property located at 24550 Horse Shoe Road in Clements declared a Nuisance.

A Nuisance means a property that is used by persons for the specific purpose of illegally administering a controlled dangerous substance; for the illegal distribution of a controlled dangerous substance or controlled paraphernalia; or for the illegal storage or concealment of a controlled dangerous substance or controlled paraphernalia.  On Nov. 14, 2018, several officers testified in the District Court for St. Mary’s County as to the long history of the property being used by persons to sell and use illegal drugs.

The Honorable John Slade III declared the property a Nuisance and ordered several individuals who have previously used and sold illegal drugs from the property to permanently vacate the property. In addition, the property’s owners, Juanita Chase, Francis Price and Carol Price, have been ordered to submit to the court within 30 days a plan of correction to ensure the property will not again be used for a Nuisance. Failure to comply with the court order could result in proceedings for contempt or other relief, including having the property sold under appropriate circumstances.

Sheriff Tim Cameron and Acting County Attorney David A. Weiskopf praised Sheriff Deputies for their work in researching and investigating the case. Weiskopf also thanked Assistant County Attorney James L. Tanavage who brought the civil action to declare the property a Nuisance