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I feel honored and blessed to have the community’s support as I serve in the Maryland General Assembly a third year.  On Wednesday, January 9th the 2019 Legislative Session began.  The day flew by as I was greeted and immediately put to work by my colleagues and other Maryland representatives. We are excited to pass laws to benefit our communities and improve the overall state of Maryland.

I am currently working on three bills to preface the 2019 Legislative Session.  Let’s dissect into the bills further!

House Bill 28 – Natural Resources- Shellfish Nursery Operations- Wetlands License Requirements- 2019

This bill allows oyster growers to not need certain licenses from the Department of the Environment or the Board of Public Works. These licenses allow the existence of shellfish nurseries or equipment attached to a pier that will be used for shellfish.  Changing the existing law is beneficial for our community.  This is because under current law an oyster grower would need to obtain licenses from the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of the Environment, and the Board of Public Works.  Over-regulating the licenses for the same shellfish nursery or pier equipment is excessive for the individual, and an unnecessary use of resources from the Departments and Board.

House Bill- Free Dissolve

I am currently resubmitting House Bill 18 from the 2018 session. This bill eliminates the fee associated with dissolving a corporation. Under current law, to dissolve a business a $100 fee must be paid. I feel this is unfair and adds an extra burden for those going through the process of dissolving a business. While this bill did not pass last session, it will positively impact local businesses in our community, and thus will be tried again.

House Bill- Property Tax Credit- Public Safety Officer- Definition

Under current law, public safety officers have the option to receive a property tax credit up to 2,500 dollars or the amount of property tax of the dwelling.  This bill will define ‘public safety officer’ to include volunteer emergency technicians.  This is a great opportunity to appreciate the volunteers serving our community.


On a final note, the Delegate Scholarship application for 2019-2020 is available. The requisites of this scholarship are as follows:

  • pursuing a degree at an undergraduate (two or four year) institute, graduate program, or career/trade school in the state of Maryland
  • enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours
  • reside in Delegate Clark’s District of 29C

Link to Scholarship Website:

The deadline for submitting your application is April 15th. For more information please contact my office at I look forward to reviewing your applications.


Delegate Jerry Clark

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