News Release, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office

Select employees of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office were recognized for professional excellence during the third quarter of 2018 at a ceremony on Wednesday at office headquarters. The men and women recognized went above and beyond the call of duty, sometimes putting themselves in harm’s way.

Employees of the Third Quarter:

Corrections Cpl. Dannette Barrow, left, Stephanie Bates, fiscal specialist, and Deputy Tyler Westphal were named as employees of the third quarter for 2018, pictured with Major Michael Merican. 

Meritorious Action: Deputy John Fenwick was awarded for his actions when he forced his way into the front seat of a vehicle in order to stop it, preventing damage to a home and harm to the children in the vehicle. Cpl. David Potter, not pictured, was also awarded for his actions in preventing a suspect from further causing harm to herself, possibly saving her life. 

Deputy John Fenwick, right, with Major Michael Merican

Commendation: Sgt. Michael Gray, Cpl. David Corcoran, Cpl. Brian Connelly, Cpl. William Rishel, Deputy Phillip Henry (pictured-right), Sgt. Cory Ellis (pictured-left), Cpl. Mark Howard, Cpl. Michael Labanowski, Cpl. Kevin Meyer, Glenda Thompson, Rhonda Wathen, Krista Holland, Laura DeNeale and Frances Gunn 

Sheriff’s Salute: Cpl. Luis Ramos-Dompenciel, Lt. Michael Pilkerton, Lt. Brian Hartz, Krista Holland, Monica Thomas, Cpl. Ralph Butler, Cpl. John Kirkner, Cpl. William Rishel, DFC Lacey Smith, CFC Joseph Brennan, CO Jonathan Rosado, CO Alexander Tasciotti, CO Tiffany Smith and CO Helana Shokry

Team award: CFC Melissa Dodson, Kristie Ardire, Pretrial Services, and Cpl. Mickey Adkins

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