News Release, St. Mary’s Metropolitan Commission

The National Weather Service has predicted a wintry mix of rain and possible snow for this weekend followed blustery winds Sunday afternoon into evening. Temperatures will drop rapidly into the teens and are not expected to rise above freezing until daytime Tuesday.

Freezing temperatures can increase the number of water main breaks in our system. If you encounter a broken waterline or main, please call 301.373.5305. Because poor road conditions may cause logistical and safety challenges for our field crews, customers may experience longer service disruptions than normal in the event of a needed emergency repair. 

MetCom prepares for inclement weather in the following ways:

  • Keeping and maintaining the water distribution system as full as possible during the event.
  • Updating the emergency contact list for our electrical supplier in the event of a power outage at vital facilities.
  • Testing and topping off mobile equipment including generators to provide temporary power if an outage occurs.
  • Preparing snow removal and salting equipment at key locations
  • Should customers encounter water or sewer service issues they should call our Emergency Call Center at 301.373.5305. Please do not email MetCom for emergency service or to report an issue.
  • Please conserve water in the event of a power outage.
  • If your property is serviced by a grinder pump and you experience a power outage, conserve water until power is restored. It is normal for the sewage grinder pump to alarm for several minutes once electrical power is restored; however please contact MetCom at 301.373.5305 if the alarm continues.

In the event weather conditions affect MetCom operations, we will inform the media with updates. Customers can stay updated by visiting our website at Status updates will be provided as frequently as is possible.

While MetCom does not generally maintain the pipes on private property, homeowners can take steps to lessen the impact on the pipes in their homes during the winter months.

  • Turn off water to outside faucets.
  • Insulate outside walls and water meters. Insulate pipes located in exposed areas such as garages, utility rooms and basements. Consult with your plumber or hardware store about proper materials.
  • Additionally, be prepared in case of frozen pipes or a longer than normal period of time without water service.
  • Do NOT use a blow torch to thaw the pipe. Instead try a hair dryer.
  • Have extra water on hand. At least one gallon a day per person as well as for pets.
  • Fill clean containers with MetCom tap water.
  • Fully charge cell phones and update important contact information.

The service line that runs from the meter outside your home to your indoor plumbing is considered private property and is the owner’s responsibility. Therefore, if you believe you have a problem on the private-side service line, MetCom recommends homeowners call a licensed plumber.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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