Humans of Calvert County

I met Jackie when I was looking to buy a horse trailer and actually, I knew her from High School. My brother knew her before I did. So, I was told about this girl and I walked in to see about buying a trailer and saw her….and I’ve been here ever since. I honestly can’t remember when we started the rescue. It feels like it was longer than we’ve been married, but I really can’t say. I don’t train the horses, that’s her job because the girls do an awesome job at that.

Training is not my thing, I realized that when I got my mustang. I just don’t have the patience. Yeah, I think I would just screw them up. I take care of the other things around here. Like fencing and stuff. Yes, I have a full time job. I get home late, but things have to get done. Like last night I had a tractor that had a bad cylinder, so I worked on that. I’m hoping to fix it or work on that today. I wish I could sit and watch TV, but stuff needs to get done. I’m hoping tomorrow to build a place to put up the hay. Oh, wait. I’m working. I guess we should start that today. 


We have about 22 horses right now, I mean I guess that the two minis could count as one horse, right? haha We have volunteers who come and help out, some come weekly, others come every couple of weeks, but I always tell everyone volunteering means you help when you can, you visit when you’re able to. For instance, we have a volunteer who left for college and she came back to help after she was done and we have other volunteers who moved out of state, but they come back to help us with fundraisers. There’s always something to be done. I do it because stuff has to get done for the horses and, you know, the girls like it. 

Interviewer: So, you do it for your girls.

Him: Yeah, yeah, I guess I do.

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