News Release, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles’

When 4-year-old Jordan (JoJo) Rae Giles walked into her local dealership searching for Harley-Davidson stickers to customize her scooter, no one could have predicted the relationship that would spark and what dreams would be fulfilled.

JoJo has a rare disease known as Leigh Syndrome that only gives her about a year and a half more to live.

But she and her family don’t let that get in the way of experiencing life, freedom and enjoying what she’s most passionate about – which includes H-D motorcycles.

JoJo and the staff at Sound Harley-Davidson in Washington became fast friends. She spends each weekend counting wheels on the bikes and giving out hugs and smiles to her new pals at the dealership. She even got to fulfill a dream by leading the local H.O.G. Chapter on a ride around the building. She had the wind on her face, the rumble of her new friends behind her, and had a smile that comes from living a moment you never want to forget.

You can help JoJo get on more rides by easily making your riding adventure her adventure. During the next six months, take a picture of JoJo along with you, snap a pic of yourself with it from the road, and share it on social media with hashtag #BIKERS4JOJO. Show JoJo new places around the world that she won’t get to see for herself.

Check out more about JoJo, her family and how her passion for Harley-Davidson started. You can also find out ways to help.

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