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Action isn’t all you get from “The Persistence of Memory”

Karen Janowsky

College of Southern Maryland (CSM) Writing and Yoga Instructor Karen Janowsky adds a fresh, new take on the superhero craze with her recently released fiction series, “The Persistence of Memory.” The first book in the series, “The Persistence of Memory: Déjà Vu,” utilizes a mixture of genres to explore the meaning of life and love.

Characters Daniel and Nina do not remember one another, but their involvement in previous lives has made them targets of evil forces now determined to erase human history. Even superpowers will not be enough unless the pair can remember and reclaim their love.

“[The series] explores the intricacies of human relationships as it delivers the goods for those readers who enjoy urban fantasy, adventure and steamy romance,” said Janowsky.

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At the CSM Leonardtown Campus, Janowsky teaches WFS 1300 – Beginning Hatha Yoga and ENG 1010 – Composition and Rhetoric on the credit side, and WFA 6220 – Mixed Level Yoga on the non-credit side. An award-winning author, she earned a master’s degree in English from Florida State University, and she won the Anabiosis Press Chapbook Contest in 1994 for her book “The Girl Who Ate Blue.”</div>

Mill City Press is a division of Salem Media Group, with almost 12,000 titles published to date. “The Persistence of Memory: Déjà Vu” is available online through,, and

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