by Jason C Mitchell

In March of 2016 Trilogy was formed as a three piece acoustic set by Hannah (vocals), Aaron (guitar), and Chris (bass). In September of that year they expanded into a full band adding Sean (drums) and Jason (keys). Since that time Trilogy has gained quite a following and is an extremely active band not in only in Southern Maryland, but the surrounding area. But who is Trilogy and what is there story?

Sean Kirkpatrick and Hannah Peregoy

Out of the five members that make up the band, all of them have rich music histories. Sean is originally from Sweden and moved to Kent Island in 1998. He began playing guitar at the age of six, but he eventually moved to drums. This was because out of his friends he was the only one with access to a drum kit. His father Mike runs the sound at the Jetty Dock Bar. Aaron is from California. He began playing piano at the age of six. He switched to trombone and after high school he sold the trombone to buy his first guitar. He eventually began working for Verizon in MD where he met the keyboard player Jason.

Aaron Altieri

Jason also started playing piano at a young age. He was taught by his grandmother. Jason and Aaron joined a band called Act II that did theater productions together. They later joined Back By Sunrise, fronted by Lindsay Owen, where they met Sean. A year after they joined, Lindsay departed the group. Aaron was told by local bass player Greg Ward to link up with Hannah who was looking to get into the local music scene. Hannah began playing flute in school and eventually decided to join chorus when some friends commented that she had a talent for singing. She taught herself guitar in secret to her parents’ surprise and began a-cappella groups at both La Plata High School and James Madison University.

Chris Gardiner

During Hannah and Aaron’s first performance they were observed by Chris. Seeing the potential he was in. Chris began playing drums in middle school. He played for various local acts including Car 54, Jukebox Thieves, Taboo. He began playing bass for Trilogy as Sean was already slated to play drums

As a band, they had their first show at Ollies Bar and Grill. Chris found himself with the difficult task of playing bass. He was a very experienced drummer but the band needed a bassist. He wanted to be a part of the group and he set out to bring himself up to the level required. Through practices and hard work they were able to bring together the band Trilogy in its current form.

Jason Mullikin

Since that first show, Trilogy has been extremely active. They play outside of SoMD in places such as Baltimore, Ocean City, and Colonial Beach VA. In the local scene they did a cover of Little Drummer Boy that I discussed in the article for Nightcap. Chris used to play in Jukebox Thieves with Tara and Sean. “Recording with Tara was a blast. We had been talking about collaborating on something together for quite a while. Tara did an awesome job and we’ve been talking about doing more so I hope we can do something soon,” said Hannah.

For this upcoming year the members have some sound goals. “I’d like us to get more studio work done. I also want to add some originals to the set,” stated Jason. Aaron has the answer for their studio goals. “Sean has been helping me turn the garage into a studio. I used the equipment going in there to do the Little Drummer Boy recording. I’m thinking of naming it Sonic Tools. Oooh that’s a cool name for my studio!”

(L-R)Aaron Altieri – Lead Guitar/Vocals Sean Kirkpatrick – Drums/samples Hannah Peregoy – Lead Vocals Chris Gardiner – Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals Jason Mullikin – Keys/Vocals

” Shout out to @taranormal_activitee (Tara Rae, NightCap) for getting this AWESOME video of us performing Alanis Morissette#YouOughtaKnow”

So with a studio readily available it seems those goals are more than achievable. So where can you see Trilogy at next? They are playing full band at Ollies Bar and Grill April 5th and Apehanger’s Bar and Grill April 13th. Get out and catch this talented group of musicians!