News Release, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Volunteer Surveys Engage Citizen Scientists

Photo of golden trout

As spring fishing season begins in earnest, theMaryland Department of Natural Resourcesasks anglers to help track scientific data by using the mobile-friendlyVolunteer Angler Survey.

Anglers of all ages can become citizen scientists by recording some basic information from their catch such as species, location and size directly to survey on their smartphone.

“The data received from our anglers in these surveys is a tremendous asset to the department,” said Fishing and Boating Services Director David Blazer. “Our biologists use this information to develop, plan and implement management strategies.”

Volunteer surveys have been an important part of fisheries management in Maryland for decades.

Since launching several new mobile-friendly volunteer angler surveys within the past year, the department has seen survey participation grow in some instances by more than 80 percent.

Currently theartificial reef initiative,blue crab,freshwater fisheries,muskie,shadandstriped bassprograms have upgraded to mobile-friendly methods.

Participants in the Volunteer Angler Survey are eligible to win quarterly prizes. More information is available on thevolunteer angler survey webpage.

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