News Release, Office of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

Attended Benisek V. Lamone And Rucho V. Common Cause Hearings, Urged Supreme Court To “Terminate Partisan Gerrymandering”

Governor Hogan’s Proposed Legislation Redraws The Sixth And Eighth Congressional Districts; Implements Recommendations And Plan Founded Agreed To By The Emergency Commission On Sixth Congressional District Gerrymandering. “WHEREAS, on November 26, 2018, the Governor of Maryland issued Executive Order 01.01.2018.29, which established an Emergency Commission on Sixth Congressional District Gerrymandering (the “Commission”) for the purpose of redrawing the Sixth District and any other districts necessary to conform the Sixth District to requirements of the First Amendment; and WHEREAS, The Commission held public meetings and work sessions to consider how best to redraw the Sixth District; and WHEREAS, on March 1, 2019, the Commission made recommendations to redraw the Sixth and Eighth districts on the basis of compactness and geographic contiguity and without regard to any partisan considerations, and held two public hearings in the two newly proposed districts to obtain input from citizens on the proposed new districts; and WHEREAS, This Act implements the recommendations of the Commission on redrawing the Sixth and Eighth Congressional districts; and WHEREAS, Failure to adopt a new plan for the Sixth Congressional District could result in the U.S. District Court adopting its own plan with little or no input from State policy makers…” (“Senate Bill 1050, ”Maryland General Assembly, 3/24/19)

Governor Hogan Established The Non-Partisan, Independent Commission In November To Redraw Boundary Lines For The Sixth Congressional District, Which Were Ruled Unanimously Unconstitutional By A Federal Court Panel

In November 2018, A Federal Court Panel Ruled Unanimously, 3-0 That Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District Was Drawn Unconstitutionally. “A three-judge federal court panel ruled Wednesday that the state unconstitutionally drew the boundary lines for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District to benefit Democrats, and banned the map from being used in future elections.” (Jeff Barker, “Federal Judges Say Maryland’s 6th Congressional District Is Unconstitutional; Map Must Be Redrawn For 2020,” The Baltimore Sun, 11/7/18)   

  • Governor Hogan: “With this unanimous ruling, the federal court is confirming what we in Maryland have known for a long time — that we have the most gerrymandered districts in the country, they were drawn this way for partisan reasons, and they violate Marylanders’ constitutional rights.” (Press Release, “Statement From Governor Larry Hogan On Federal Court Redistricting Ruling,” Office Of The Governor, 11/7/18)  

In Response To The Ruling, Governor Hogan Signed An Executive Order Creating An Emergency Commission On Sixth Congressional District Gerrymandering. “Gov. Larry Hogan created an ‘emergency’ commission on Monday to redraw the borders of Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, moving ahead on a new map despite state Attorney General Brian Frosh’s appeal of a federal ruling that ordered the redraft… Hogan signed an executive order creating a nine-person commission — made up of three Democrats, three Republicans and three unaffiliated voters — to propose a new map.” (Michael Dresser, “Hogan Names Panel To Redraw Maryland’s 6th District, Despite Frosh Appeal Of Court Order To Fix Gerrymandering,” The Baltimore Sun, 11/26/18)  

  • In March 2019, After Public Deliberations And Input, The Emergency Commission Consisting Of Democrats, Republicans, And Unaffiliated Voters, Unanimously Chose A Non-Gerrymandered Map For Maryland’s Sixth And Eighth Congressional District. “The state commission tasked with drawing new congressional boundaries for the 2020 election adopted a map on Friday… During their work-session on Friday, members of the panel decided to focus primarily on the line between the 8th District, currently represented by Rep. Jamie Raskin (D), and the 6th, the seat now held by freshman Rep. David J. Trone (D). Their plan will be subject to two public hearings and will be used as the basis for legislation that Hogan plans to introduce in the final days of the General Assembly session.” (Bruce DePuyt, “Hogan Panel Proposes New Congressional Map – Which Dems Are Likely To Ignore,” Maryland Matters, 3/1/19)     

Governor Hogan Attended Supreme Court Hearings On Gerrymandering; Headlined Rally Alongside Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Advocating For The End Of Gerrymandering

Governor Hogan: “Look this is not a fight between the right and the left. This is a fight between right and wrong. This isn’t a fight between Republicans and Democrats. This is a fight for our very democracy.” (Deirdre Byrne, “Hogan, Schwarzenegger At Supreme Court: ‘We Must Terminate Gerrymandering’,” Montgomery Community Media, 3/26/19)

Governor Hogan Was “Hopeful” Following The Supreme Court Hearing In Benisek V. Lamone, That The Court Would Side With The Plaintiffs. “In an interview with Maryland Matters, Hogan said he’s hopeful the justices find for the plaintiffs. ‘In our case there seemed to be a wider — almost twice as many — [justices] that seemed to be interested in the argument that we were making, so I’m hopeful. But they have a tough decision to make.’” (Bruce DePuyt, “Here’s The Fun You Missed Outside Tuesday’s Supreme Court Redistricting Hearing,” Maryland Matters, 3/26/19)  

The Washington Post Headline: “Hogan, Schwarzenegger Rail Against Gerrymandering As Supreme Court Hears Arguments” (Jennifer Barrios  “Hogan, Schwarzenegger Rail Against Gerrymandering As Supreme Court Hears Arguments,” The Washington Post, 3/26/19)

  • Governor Hogan And Former Governor Schwarzenegger Vowed To “Terminate Partisan Gerrymandering.” “Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan appeared on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday along with fellow Republican and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, vowing to — what else? — terminate partisan gerrymandering.” (Jennifer Barrios  “Hogan, Schwarzenegger Rail Against Gerrymandering As Supreme Court Hears Arguments,” The Washington Post, 3/26/19)

The Frederick News-Post Headline: “Hogan, Schwarzenegger Rally For Fair Election Maps Outside Supreme Court” (Samantha Hogan, “Hogan, Schwarzenegger Rally For Fair Election Maps Outside Supreme Court,” The Frederick News-Post, 3/26/19)    

Larry Sabato, Director Of The Center For Politics At The University Of Virginia: Maryland Democrats Are “Open To Criticism” For Declining To Embrace Governor Hogan’s Repeated Calls For Independent Redistricting. “Even as leading Democrats have become increasingly vocal about gerrymandering concerns, they have declined to embrace a gerrymandering ‘fix’ favored by government watchdog groups and Hogan — a neutral commission to redraw the lines. Analysts say their position leaves state Democrats open to criticism that the party is clinging to the old system in Maryland for fear of ceding political advantage. ‘One of the oldest games in politics is saying one thing and doing another,’ said Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia. ‘This is a classic example. Legislators claim to be for a nonpartisan system of redistricting, but somehow it never happens in many places.’” (Jeff Barker, “Hogan, Schwarzenegger Seek To ‘Terminate’ Gerrymandering At U.S. Supreme Court Rally Over Maryland Districts,”The Baltimore Sun, 3/26/19)  

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