News Release, Maryland International Raceway

MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND – Maryland International Raceway ™ (MDIR) and Hollyrock Customs are proud to announce the all new points program for the Hollyrock Custom/Winegardner Auto Group Diesel Shootout.

The Hollyrock Custom/Winegardner Auto Group Diesel Shootout just got more exciting! This class is run during all Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness events on select Friday nights. With this new points system, MDIR will now have a champion each year from the Hollyrock Custom/Winegardner Auto Group Diesel Shootout. The points system will follow the same as the Speed Unlimited ET Series with 10 points for each round win and a bonus point for winning an event.

In addition to the new points system, comes more rewards at the end of the year. Hollyrock Customs continues to give $100 for a win at each Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness event in the Diesel Shootout class. Hollyrock Customs and Winegardner Auto Group will add an additional bonus at the end of the season. First place will receive $1000, second place will receive $400, third place $300, fourth place $200, and fifth place will receive $100. The Champion will also receive the prestigious Gold Card. The Gold Card will get the Champion in for free at each of the Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness events. The Champion and the Top 5 will also be recognized at the MDIR Racer’s Party and Awards Banquet.

“We are excited to bring new things to the Diesel Shootout class” said Mike Graves, owner of Hollyrock Customs.“This new points system will give us a champion every year and reward those that have continued to support the series each year. Last year it was awesome to see the first ever diesel truck win the “King of the Creek” Champion Run-Off. Us at Hollyrock Customs, Royce Miller and the staff at MDIR, along with the addition this year of Tommy Winegardner and Winegardner Auto Group, are continuing to work together to grow this series and reward those that support it.”

Under the “Points” tab of MDIR’s website, an additional section will be added for this series. Racers and fans will be able track where each driver stands at the end of each weekend that an event is ran. Winners of the Friday night Hollyrock Custom/Winegardner Auto Group Diesel Shootout will not be eligible to run in the Grand Champion Runoff with the new point’s format in place.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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