Naval Air Station Patuxent River via Facebook

Lexington Park, MD- NAS Pax River, MQ-25 project, and B.L. Harbert International project leadership broke ground on the MQ-25 Integrated Test Team Hangar April 16 at NAS Pax River.

In his remarks at the groundbreaking, Capt. Christopher Cox, NAS Patuxent River said, “As we look to the future of naval aviation with platforms such as the MQ-25, this hangar will prove its usefulness beyond the MQ-25 stingray’s integration to the fleet, continuing to lend itself to the development of carrier-based aircraft thanks to its designers’ eye to the future of our navy’s readiness. … So thank you to everyone who has made this hangar possible – from design to construction, and those who will eventually work within it. You can consider your efforts directly tied to the improvement of naval aviation’s effectiveness today, tomorrow, and beyond.”

The MQ-25A Stingray will be the world’s first carrier-based unmanned aircraft and will provide an aerial refueling capability to the Carrier Air Wing (CVW) to extend its range and make better use of Navy combat strike fighters that currently conduct tanking missions.

The MQ-25 hangar will include multiple bays to accommodate up to three aircraft with extended wings and one with folded wings, maintenance shops, crew spaces, administrative areas, and laboratory space for the government and contractor integrated test team.

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