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The May issue of the Smithsonian Associates’ program guide features a variety of educational and cultural programs, including seminars, lectures, studio arts classes, performances for adults and children and local and regional study tours. Highlights this month include:

Masterworks of Five Centuries 2018–2019 Concert Series 
Saturday, May 11; 6:30 p.m.
National Museum of American History’s Nicholas and Eugenia Taubman Hall of Music

The Smithsonian Chamber Music Society features musical masterpieces from the 17th to the early 21st century, played on some of the world’s most highly prized musical instruments. This concert features works of Bach, Haydn and Mozart.

The Global Grocery Store: How Your Food Gets From Farm to Table
Monday, May 13; 6:45 p.m.
Smithsonian’s S. Dillon Ripley Center

Food historian Robyn Metcalfe explores an often overlooked aspect of the global food system: how food moves from producer to consumer. She finds that the food-supply chain is adapting to the increasingly complex demands for both personalization and convenience. But the future, she says, may bring changes to how people think about their food and their relationship to it.

Hiking the Jordan Trail
Monday, May 13; 6:45 p.m.
Smithsonian’s S. Dillon Ripley Center

A path that Moses, Jesus and Mohammed all walked finds a new incarnation in the 400-mile Jordan Trail. Explorer Andrew Evans, one of the first Americans to hike its complete length, narrates the experience of his 40-day journey, highlighting his encounters with the nature, people, history and culture of Jordan.

Here It Comes: The Future Is Asian
Tuesday, May 14; 6:45 p.m.
Smithsonian’s S. Dillon Ripley Center

From investment portfolios to trade wars, Hollywood movies to holiday travels, the influence of Asia continues to grow. Shanghai-based global strategy advisor Parag Khanna examines why the Asian Century is a phenomenon far larger than people thought, and why there is no more important region to better understand now.

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