Seven Ethnic and Cultural Commissions to Reach 
More Than 2.7 Million Minority Marylanders

News Release, Governor’s Coordinating Offices

ANNAPOLIS, MD –The Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives (GOCI) launched the “GO SEE” Initiative (Serve & Educate Ethnic Communities) to engage themore than 2.7 million Marylandersof diverse communities by sharing resources available across Maryland. More than 100 commissioners who serve on the governor’s seven ethnic and cultural commissions – representing more than40% of the total populationin Maryland – as well as the interfaith office, will be tasked with sharing the many statewide resources offered by the Hogan administration.

“Governor Hogan believes the positive impact of minority and faith leaders is essential for Maryland citizens,” said Steven J. McAdams, Executive Director of GOCI. “Change can begin with just one person, so we are grateful for the participation of our 115 commissioners to help raise public awareness of important resources available for Marylanders, while listening to feedback and addressing the unique needs of our diverse communities.”

Commissioners will discuss the 2020 Census, volunteer awards for adults and youth, the Maryland Youth Advisory Council, scholarships for law enforcement officers, the business network of Deaf and hard of hearing owners, a statewide effort to address the opioid and heroin crisis, safe driving initiatives, and more. The Governor’s seven ethnic commissions also have the unique ability to engage with the18% of the total population of Marylandwho are multilingual.

GOCI’s outreach will include:

The Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives mission is to serve as a coordinating office for the governor that connects Marylanders to economic, volunteer, and human service opportunities through government, business, and nonprofit partners. Office staff and ethnic commissions meet with Marylanders by hosting, co-hosting, supporting, and attending over 700 engagements every year.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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