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From Principal Beth Morton:

Plum Point Elementary Teacher of the Year: Joella Boggs

Plum Point Elementary is very proud to select Joella Boggs as our Teacher of the Year for the 2018-19 school year. This has been a big year for Mrs. Boggs, as she has also been selected as the SMECO Elementary Math Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Boggs began her professional career as a nurse. Fortunately for us she made a career into education.

She understands that we build relationships with children first, then we teach content. She celebrates every step of learning that occurs with her students. Mrs. Boggs is a life-long learner. She can’t wait to attend workshops and professional development and share with her colleagues and students. She is also the teacher in charge of the terrapin that comes to third grade each year. She looks after and worries about that terrapin as if he’s her own child.

When she talks about him, I have to remind myself it’s our terrapin and not another student. Every child that leaves third grade leaves as a confident student in the area of math. I’m sure her love for students and learning brought her to the world of education.

Whatever the reason, we sure are blessed.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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