Calvert County Public Schools via Facebook

From Principal Beth Morton:

Plum Point Elementary is very proud to select Nurse Bette-Lyn Endress as our Educational Support Person of the Year for 2018-2019.
When you ask former students what they remember about Plum Point Elementary, many will mention Nurse Bette-Lyn. Nurse Bette-Lyn not only assists students and staff with health issues, but she is also there to offer a smile and words of encouragement. 

A visit to Nurse Bette-Lyn is never scary. Her health room has students’ artwork posted and relaxing music playing. Nurse Bette-Lyn can make a simple vision exam a wonderful experience.

We feel that Nurse Bette-Lyn exemplifies the 21st Century school nurse by her care, coordination, knowledge of community and public health, and willingness to serve the Plum Point Elementary community. What a better world it would be if everyone could visit Nurse Betty-Lynn at least once in their life. We are very lucky to have Nurse Bette-Lyn taking care of us all.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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