News Release, Charles County Sheriff’s Office

La Plata, MD- Charles County Sheriff Troy D. Berry and Charles County Crime Solvers President Betty Jean Turner are pleased to announce Sgt.Timothy Miner was named Coordinator of the Year by the Southeastern Crime Stoppers Association at a banquet held on May 8.

Sgt. Miner was nominated for this prestigious award based on his commitment to Crime Solvers as the Liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and the Board of Directors.

Sgt. Miner, a 25-year-veteran of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office, currently supervises the agency’s Major Crimes Section which includes the Homicide and Cold Case Units. In 2016, he offered to serve as the Crime Solvers liaison – collateral duty and an added responsibility for anyone who takes the position. Sgt. Miner, who has been a detective for over 15 years, knew the value of the Crime Solvers program and wanted an opportunity to be part of the organization.

Shortly after taking on the position, Sgt. Miner recognized the need for improving recognition of the Crime Solvers program among his fellow co-workers as well as the need to fundraise. He immediately encouraged his colleagues to participate in the annual crime solvers trap shoot and the annual golf tournament.

Not only did Sgt. Miner increase the number of teams and individual players for each event, he also brought in donations by reaching out to a variety of people in the community. As a result, the two events enjoyed successful fundraising, which provided a “comfort zone” for the Board in terms of paying cash rewards and marketing. And, new friends and connections were made.

Soon, Sgt. Miner was suggesting other fundraisers to help increase the cash flow. He suggested a crab and BBQ dinner raffle, which netted $3,000! He sold the most tickets and raised more than $1,500 himself.

Sgt. Miner continuously strives to enhance the Board’s mission and regularly speaks with his detectives and community members to try to merge relationships. He strongly believes without the community’s support, some cases would go unsolved and that’s what keeps him up at night.

Sgt. Miner is an advocate for all victims of crime and constantly strives for open dialogue but, he also understands the need for anonymity and the support from Crime Solvers. Recently, Sgt. Miner conducted a news interview featuring a cold case murder. During the interview he promoted the crime solvers tip line and encouraged people to call.

Sgt. Miner not only volunteers his time to serve as the liaison, he attends every fundraiser and community event promoting the program. Sgt. Miner is married, the father of four children, and coaches a little league team. In the midst of the caseloads and an active family life, Sgt. Miner always finds a way to provide superior supervision at his busy job as a homicide supervisor as well as ensuring he attends every single Crime Solvers’ event. So far, he’s at 100 percent!

Sgt. Miner exemplifies outstanding commitment to Crime Solvers and demonstrates an effective working relationship with law enforcement, media and the community. He personifies qualities of dedication, leadership and integrity. In recognition for superior performance and commitment, personifying a spirit of community cooperation and demonstrating qualities of leadership, Sgt. Timothy Minor was selected Coordinator of the Year.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

David M. Higgins was born in Baltimore and grew up in Southern Maryland. He has had a passion for journalism since high school. After spending many years in the Hospitality Industry he began working in...