By: Huntingtown Citizens Association

Prince Frederick, MD- The Calvert County Board of Commissioners halted their discussion on expanding Huntingtown Town Center across MD 4 and plan to pick it up again at the June 4, 2019 BoCC meeting beginning at 10am.  (When the meeting agenda is released after Memorial Day, it will be here and show a more precise time for this topic.  Just pop in at that time.) We urge you to attend. You can speak directly to the BoCC during the public comment period. You can also e-mail your five elected commissioners here:

Why is this important? Expanding our TC means those lands will no longer be zoned mostly residential district or rural community district. They will instead be zoned Town Center district, which can have much larger retail/commercial establishments. (Think drive through or gas station.)  Town Center district can also have much greater density housing than it’s current zoning. (Think multi-family dwellings.) How will those things affect your drive through the traffic at the MD 4 and Cox Rd interesection?

Note that our Planning Commission somewhat listened to Huntingtown citizens and forwarded the third draft of the Comp Plan to the BoCC with only the Huntingtown High School (HHS) Property in the expanded TC. It is not even clear if Priority Funding Area (PFA) status can be achieved in an expanded Huntingtown TC. Remember that Maryland State PFA designation gives us priority state funding to “encourage growth & development such as highways, sewer and water construction…” Are we certain we want that for Huntingtown?

The BoCC is also discussing dropping the “Minor” designation of Huntingtown TC and the “Major” designation of other TC like Prince Frederick to make all the town areas simply Town Centers. What could this mean for Huntingtown TC, currently quaintly on only one side of the major MD 4 highway.

Please stay tuned for more info as we get it. Please share these ideas and discuss with your neighbors and friends in Huntingtown. Welcome them to our web site or to our Facebook page or to e-mail us directly with questions

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