Humans of Calvert County, Sarah Merranko & Anita Santoyo

“Tomorrow is my last day! Last week of school, a lot more stressful than I would have imagined! I kind of procrastinated too much, more than I usually do!

Sad about leaving? I’m just trying not to think about it. You’ll never see me in my short shorts again! My last track meet….at States….I might cry, I won’t even lie. Especially if I win, I’m going to cry without a doubt!

It’s just crazy to me that there’s going to be some people that I’ve gone to school with for 12 years, talked to every single day, and I’m just never going to see them again!

I will miss it. I am grateful. I grew up in a nice environment. It helped me grow as a person. I mean I definitely wish we had more things to do. For sure. But we live an hour from DC, an hour from Annapolis, so that’s good.

My favorite thing to do…..going on my roof, watching the sun set and looking up at the stars. I do that all the time. When it’s nice out, I just go out there, put on some music and just chill. I’ll put out a blanket, pillow, music, just chill. Love doing that.

What I’m going to miss the most? Friends and family.

My mom is getting sad. She’s planning out our summer and saying you only have two more months to do this and this and then you’ll be out of the house for like pretty much ever. My dad, I think is secretly getting sad. Like he won’t show it.

What am I looking most forward to in college? Meeting new people, for sure. I like that I already have people there that I know on track, but I want to go out and meet new people! I want to experience different stuff. Different environment, different atmosphere. I’m excited. I’m excited to just kind of like be an adult. Honestly, It’s scary but exciting at the same time. Being out in the world, mom and dad can’t always be there all the time. They’ve always been so supportive of me my entire life and I’m not going to be able to go to them all the time now.

I’m going to UVA and I’ll run cross country and track, hopefully the 5k and The Steeple.

Running?….9th grade in cross country. I was supposed to do basketball and then maybe lacrosse in the spring. Then cross country States rolled around freshman year and I got fourth in state. I realized I was pretty good at running. From then on running has been my thing. I was always pretty good naturally, but once I started putting in the work I started seeing results and improvements. I like the team. On the track team, we have a really good group of people. And we have a nice community.

In a race all I think about is ‘have fun, go for the win, and expect to hurt.’ Because I feel like once you accept that you’re going to hurt, you’re already ahead of the game. Now on long runs and stuff, I think about my mom cooking me breakfast honestly!

Best piece of advice for incoming seniors: have fun! Enjoy it. It goes by fast. Relax, enjoy it, have fun. You only get one Highschool senior year!”

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

David M. Higgins was born in Baltimore and grew up in Southern Maryland. He has had a passion for journalism since high school. After spending many years in the Hospitality Industry he began working in...