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From Principal Kelly Cleland:

Ms. Jones is the standard bearer for all things Windy Hill. She is highly respected by colleagues, students, and the community. Her contagious smile, knowledge, and experience have made her a much sought-after educator and friend. She’s our special education lead teacher, part of the behavior intervention team, mentor, coach, part-time drama teacher, and, when needed, emergency bus assistant.

Typical statements we hear at Windy Hill Elementary from staff:
“I’m only co-teaching if I can work with Jaynie Jones.”
“Jaynie, I have a student who needs a point sheet. Can you help? I mean can you make it? Can you make one for my son too?
“A teacher wants to transfer to Windy Hill, and she’s just like Jaynie Jones.”

Typical questions from Ms. Jones:
“Hey, can I start a chess club?”
“Do you need someone to do bus evacuations?”
“I heard someone might need help on the playground; do you need me?”
“There’s this thing I learned at a special education meeting; can I share it at the next faculty meeting?”

Typical statements from the administration team:
“Ask Jaynie Jones”
“Find Jayne Jones?”
“Where’s Jaynie Jones?”
“Jaynie Jones connected really well with that student and his parents love her. She can help!”

In the fall, Jaynie Jones will be changing her name. While we are very excited about her impending nuptials, it’s gonna be tough for everyone to find Mrs. Peterson next year.

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