Calvert County Public Schools via Facebook

From Principal Kelly Cleland:

Take a moment and conjure an image of the grumpy cafeteria lady serving cold mounds of inedible food. Windy Hill Elementary students are lucky to NOT experience anything like that. Instead, Windy Hill Elementary students have positive, friendly, and patient support in the cafeteria – led by Mrs. June Shaffstall. Mrs. Shaffstall knows every student by name, knows their unique needs and preferences.

She supports and accommodates the diverse needs of students, and staff. Besides her work in the cafeteria, Mrs. Shaffstall has worked on the school play making costumes and sets. Recently she volunteered to help with the PTA sponsored holiday breakfast. That HELPING turned into DOING, as she took control and coordinated volunteers to get things done. A few weeks later, she jumped in and worked with our PTA two mornings in a row for “Pastries with My Peeps.”

Did I mention patient? Mrs. Shaffstall is incredibly patient, making sure everyone at Windy Hill Elementary is well cared for.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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