Bowie and Arnold Take Crate/E-Mod Victories”

By Doug Watson

Budds Creek, MD- Jamie Lathroum drove to his first win of the season in last Sunday nights 35-lap Late Model feature at Potomac Speedway. The win for Lathroum, worth $2500, came aboard his Sommey and Ruth Ann Lacey owned Rocket no.45 and would mark his first track win since the 2017 season.

Lathroum clearly had the car to beat as he shot from the pole to lead all 35-circuits to score his 15th career win with the Late Models and overall 63rd career feature win at Potomac. “I almost forgot how to get here it’s seems so long since we last won here.” Lathroum stated post race. “The track rubbered up and I knew if I held my line we’d be ok, and I’m happy to get everybody on this team a win.” Dale Hollidge, Daryl Hills, Andy Anderson and Steven Axtell Jr. would round out the top-five. 

Ben Bowie, like Lathroum in the Late Models, shot from the pole to lead wire to wire of the companion 20-lap RUSH Crate Late Model main. “I knew I had to get to the front first if we had a chance to win.” Said Bowie after his 8th career division feature win. “I’m glad the race ended when it did, because the brake pedal went to the floor driving to victory lane.” Current point leader Darren Alvey was second with Logan Roberson, Dale Hollidge and Levi Crowl completing the top-five. 

After scoring a win at Virginia Motor Speedway the night prior, Chris Arnold took top honors in the 20-lap Mid-Atlantic Modified headliner. Arnold took the lead from Cody Oliver on the 11th lap and went on to score his 4th career Potomac feature win. “I started my racing career here at Potomac and it’s great to be back in victory lane.” Arnold said in his post race interview. “I just want to thank all the fans that came out tonight, I hope we put on a good show.” Cody Oliver, Josh Hughes, Brad Kling and Joey Polevoy would trail at the finish. 

In support class action Mike Grady Jr. made his first start of the season a good one as he would score his first career Potomac win in the 16-lap Street Stock feature and 15 year old rookie Justin Knight drove to his 2nd win of the season in the 15-lap U-Car event.

Late Model feature finish
1. Jamie Lathroum 2. Dale Hollidge 3. Daryl Hills 4.Andy Anderson 5. Steven Axtell Jr. 6. David Dill 7. Brandon Long 8. James Snead 9. Brent Bordeaux 10. Paul Cursey

Late Models-Jamie Lathroum

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1. Ben Bowie 2. Darren Alvey 3. Logan Roberson 4. Dale Hollidge 5. Levi Crowl 6. Brad Rigdon 7. Jeremy Pilkerton 8. Kyle Lear 9. Brandon Sturgis 10. Chuck Bowie 11. Austin Bussler 12. Harry Shipe III 13. Mike Raleigh 14. Mike Wharton 15. Donnie Tepper 16. Carl Vaughn 17. Timmy Booth 18. Mike Franklin 19. Megan Mann 20. Jonathan Raley 21. Trevor Collins 22. Joe Pete

RUSH Crates-Ben Bowie

E-Mod feature finish
1. Chris Arnold 2. Cody Oliver 3. Josh Hughes 4. Brad Kling 5. Joey Polevoy 6. Justin Cullum 7. James Sparks 8. Cody Williams 9. Ray Kable 10. Rusty Pennington 11. Mike Corbin 12. Haley Kaiser 13. Jacob Whitt 14. David Green 15. Keith Reed 16. Kyle Lloyd 17. Jerry Foster 18. George Gutridge 19.Rick Hulson 20. Francis Jarrelle 21. Andy Bosley

Mid Atlantic Modifieds-Chris Arnold

Street Stock feature finish
1. Mike Grady Jr. 2. Kyle Nelson 3. Craig Parrill 4. Dylan Rutherford 5. Matt Randall 6. Deuce Wright 7. Marty Hanbury 8. Buddy Dunagan 9. Kyle Randall 10. Ed Pope Jr.

Street Stocks-Mike Grady Jr.

U-Car feature finish
1. Justin Knight 2. Ben Pirner 3. Allen Griffith Jr. 4. Cody Stamp 5. Tim Steele 6. Ryan Quade 7. Billy Smith 8. Joey Suite 9. Randy Wilkins 10. Owen Lacey 11. T Windsor 12. Mackenzie Smith 13. Larry Lamb 14. T Grinder 15. Stephen Suite 16. Dominic King 17. Steph Homberg

U Cars-Justin Knight

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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