News Release, St. Mary’s Public Information Office

Leonardtown, MD – The St. Mary’s County Department of Public Works & Transportation (DPW&T) will perform Surface Treatment / Modified Seal on various roadslocated across  St. Mary’s County. Crews will be working continually through Thursday, May 30, between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Surface treatment will consist of the application of a liquid asphalt emulsion, followed by a new layer of stone. Modern techniques have resulted in a full-width application of an exact quantity of stone, which limits loose stone to a minimum. During the procedure, motorists may experience a brief delay and should use caution. The surface may be driven on immediately behind the roller equipment.

Dates and times could be modified due to weather conditions. During these construction activities, motorists can expect changes in traffic patterns and delays. Please be alert to these conditions.

For more information, please contact the DPW&T Construction and Inspection Division at 301-475-4200 ext. *3531.

Surface Treatment / Modified Seal FY 2019

DistrictRouteRoad NameMiles
230298Richey Road0.67
230286Hewitt Road0.47
230311River Road0.78
230312Finnacom Road0.44
230310Herring Creek Drive0.57
230309River Shores Drive0.79
230308Tall Timber Road0.91
230287Buck Redman Road0.46
230476Oliver Road0.55
230292McKays Cove Road0.63
230297Mckays Beach Road0.43
230476Springer Road0.47
230285Happy Land Road1.28
230821Denton Road0.33
330162Joe Hazel Road0.67
330161Ben Morgan Road0.19
330164Combs Road0.28
330163Tippit Road0.16
330458Meadow Road0.34
330169Wathen Road0.67
330165New Town Neck Road1.28
430046Bethel Church Road1.36
430057James Road1.16
430061Bohle Road0.36
430060Harper Road1.10
530031Woodburn Hill Road2.06
630182Vista Road2.47
730095Bushwood Road3.23
730100Coburm Wharf Road1.06
730101May Croft Road1.09
730102Ellis Road0.34
730109Burch Road1.39
730454Dent Road0.24
730108Hodges Road1.05
730098Sugar Hole Road1.27
730099Old Trapp Road0.58
730639Grampton Road1.12

                                                                                         Total miles              32.25 

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