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Middle schoolers are challenged with a variety of activities that teach them personal responsibility such as a rotating class schedule, remembering a locker combination and multiple homework assignments. They are also learning how to navigate being a pre-teenager. Some may find it hard to connect to their school administrators, especially at the middle-school level. But not at Matthew Henson Middle School, where the administrative team goes out of its way to connect with students.

Part of this team is Anthony Carroll, a vice principal at the school for the past four years. Teachers say his ability to maintain relationships with students is “magical” and built on mutual respect. Carroll shows kindness, commitment and respect in all that he does. For these qualities, Carroll was named the Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) 2019 Vice Principal of the Year.

Carroll has been a vice principal since 2015. He is known among his colleagues as an administrator that is kind yet firm, strives to be a team player and genuinely cares for children. Carroll is a constant presence in school hallways. He can also be found counseling students, visiting classrooms, meeting with teachers and supporting his colleagues.

Carroll said he was drawn to a career in education and truly enjoys going to work each day. “The joy of working everyday with children has not eroded an ounce since I started 19 years ago,” Carroll said.

He began his career in education in 2000 as a teacher with Prince George’s County Public Schools. He joined CCPS in 2011 as an instructional resource teacher at Henson, and also spent two years at General Smallwood Middle School before taking on an administrative position.

Henson Principal Christina Caballero said Carroll is an exceptional asset to her leadership team.

“Mr. Carroll is the kind of administrator any principal would love to have on their staff. He demonstrates exceptional leadership and has earned the respect of his colleagues, staff, parents and community,” Caballero wrote in a nomination statement.

Carroll is the sixth-grade vice principal at Henson. He is straight forward and firm with students in resolving problems, yet makes it clear that he cares for their wellbeing and education. He is visible and makes an effort to address each staff member and student by name. Carroll arrives early each day and stays late into the evening to make sure all is prepared for the next school day. Henson students look up to him as a role model and are quick to talk with Carroll if they are in need of assistance.

“Mr. Carroll is not only a knowledgeable, caring leader, but also a role model and mentor to our students. He makes a difference in many ways. From a positive, caring disposition displayed each and every day, to taking the time to listen to anyone who needs advice, Mr. Carroll is an outstanding educator and administrator,” wrote Debby Holder, Henson’s reading resource teacher, in a nomination letter.

Carroll said while he loves the classroom setting, his role as an administrator provides him with the ability to make a positive impact with more students. He enjoys working with staff, students and parents to ensure children are successful.

“Being an administrator in itself is a continuing learning experience. You have to think on the fly, resolve multiple conflicts at once, provide support to students and their families, and be a reliable person for all in the building,” Carroll said.

Henson student Narada Coleman wrote a letter in support of Carroll’s nomination. In his letter, Coleman said Carroll is supportive of students. “Mr. Carroll is very patient. He can be very understanding and treats everybody fairly,” Coleman wrote.

For Carroll, his recognition as the CCPS Vice Principal of the Year is a team accomplishment.

“I don’t look at this as an individual award but an award for Matthew Henson Middle School. It shows that people do recognize hard work and when you try your best to provide a safe learning environment for our students and positive working environment for our staff. This award means a lot. This year has been a very rewarding one,” Carroll said.

Carroll was honored by the Board of Education as the 2019 CCPS Vice Principal of the Year at its June 11 meeting. Each year, one CCPS vice principal is honored with the award.

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