Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department, INC via Facebook

Dunkirk, MD-The Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank the Smart Family and their business, Sassafras Farms for their extremely generous and heaping donation to the department. While Sassafras Farms originated in Huntingtown, they recently expanded their business into Dunkirk and have become quite a friendly neighbor to their local firehouse.

Throughout the last week, we have had a number of members representing our department in Ocean City for the Maryland State Fireman’s Convention. These members attended the Memorial Services for our fallen Brothers and Sisters, took part in numerous legislative seminars and even participated in some hands-on training sessions.

Knowing that many of Dunkirk’s “non-live-in” members would be replacing the “live-in” members for the week due to the convention, Sassafras Farms reached out to the Dunkirk Firehouse and offered to supply food for the week. A generous donation of meats including steaks, hotdogs, and burgers, has been keeping the members fed throughout the past four days…however, today was a huge treat. Sassafras Farms was up at the crack of dawn working hard and smoked enough of their famous, mouthwatering brisket to feed 25 members for dinner-it was even delivered hot and ready to eat by Curk Smart himself.

We now can say without a doubt that we have had the fortunate opportunity to experience the best beef you can possibly get your hands on. Everything Sassafras Farms has done for the Dunkirk Volunteers is greatly appreciated-and we Thank-You!

Please continue to support your local Family Owned small businesses, and give the Smart Family a visit at https://sassafrasfarmmd.com

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