News Release, Maryland Energy Administration

ANNAPOLIS, MD– Governor Larry Hogan today signed the “Maryland Leads by Example” Executive Order, which directs the Maryland Department of General Services (DGS) and the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) to develop and manage an energy savings initiative in state-owned buildings.

“Our administration is committed to ensuring that our state-owned buildings are as energy efficient as possible,” said Governor Hogan. “This initiative seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while saving taxpayer dollars.”

The goal of the “Maryland Leads by Example” initiative is to reduce energy consumption in state-owned buildings by 10% by 2029. To accomplish this goal, DGS has been tasked to annually audit state-owned buildings determined to be the least energy-efficient. The audit shall identify low-cost measures for increasing energy efficiency and savings while reducing future costs and expenses.

“The Maryland Department of General Services is proud to be part of this important initiative, and looks forward to working with MEA to determine opportunities for increased energy savings,” said DGS Secretary Ellington E. Churchill, Jr. “Together, our agencies will use best practices to identify the areas where we can save both energy and money.”

“The State of Maryland spends $210 million annually on utilities for state buildings,” explained MEA Director Mary Beth Tung. “Addressing energy efficiency to conserve costs makes sense fiscally for the state and the environment.”

“Maryland Leads by Example” also tasks both departments to make appropriate amendments to the General Performance Standards and Specifications for the State of Maryland Leased Facilities to promote the reduction of energy use and costs in state-leased facilities. Both DGS and MEA will submit a report each year to the governor on the progress toward achieving the 10% reduction goal.

To view a copy of the Executive Order, clickhere.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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