Look for the signs, to find local, humanely raised, quality meat.

News Release, Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission

You might notice something new on your drive through Southern Maryland in the next few weeks – Southern Maryland Meats farm signs have arrived!

The Southern Maryland Meats (SMM), a marketing program of the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission, is ramping up promotional effortsto increase consumer recognitionfor the marketing program’s branding logo and shining thespotlight on theindividual farm producers that participate in the SMM program.

Starting July 1, 2019, all 51 Southern Maryland Meatsproducersaround the region, will receivea specially designed farm signandadhesive labels for their meat products, all displaying the SMM logo and legend –“Southern Maryland Meats Proudly Produced Here.”

A first for the SMM program, the promotional sign was developedfor high visibility in-ground use at the entrance to farm driveways, and atfarm stores/stands, vendor booths at farmers’ markets and other sales venues.The sturdy double-sided metal signs with their bright yellow and redcolor scheme are bound to attract attention as they adorn the roadside of participating farms. Similarly, the corresponding Southern Maryland Meats label reinforces the branding identity on meat packages at point of sale with“Proud Producer & Member”.

“When you see the sign, you’ll know that the featured farm is selling local, humanely raised, quality meat, and is a certified member of the Southern Maryland Meats program,” said Craig Sewell, SMM Marketing and Livestock Manager. “We are intent on building a brand that identifies with thearea’s rich farming legacy and with the producers who are bringingtop-quality regional meats to your table.”

To coincide with the sign/label campaign SMM launched anew consumer resource, the Southern Maryland Meat and Seafood Guide thatpromotesthe region’s meat and seafood producers. To emphasize brand recognition in the marketplace, both the in-print and the online digital versions identify SMM farm listings with the SMM logo.

To finda Southern Maryland Meats farmer, farm, farm stand or farmers market, and other meat producer farms in the five county area,orto viewthe Southern Maryland Meat and Seafood Guide– visitwww.SouthernmarylandMeats.com.

SMM signs, labels, and the Southern Maryland Meat and Seafood guide are made possible in part by a Rural Maryland Prosperity Investment Fund Grant (RMPIF) awarded to SMADC, a division of the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland.  

View the SMM Meat LabelHERE

View the Southern Maryland Meat and Seafood GuideHERE

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