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For eight weeks this summer, eight students and their faculty mentors participated in the annual St. Mary’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program. SURF provides students opportunities to engage deeply in independent research, laboratory, and creative work across disciplines, including this year in psychology/neuroscience, chemistry, biology, environmental studies, mathematics, anthropology, and English. Under the guidance and with the expertise of faculty mentors, SURF fellows sharpen their research, analytic, and creative skills to produce work that many will continue into the following year.

On Wednesday, July 3, in Glendening Annex on the St. Mary’s College of Maryland campus, SURF fellows will present their projects to the College community. The public is invited to attend as well.

The program opens at 9:15 a.m. with remarks from SURF co-director Troy Townsend, assistant professor of chemistry. Student presentations begin at 9:30 a.m. and proceed every half-hour until 12:15 p.m., at which time a complimentary lunch will be served. The program concludes with two final presentations beginning at 1:30 p.m., followed by closing remarks at 2:45 p.m.

from SURF co-director Mark A. Rhoda, visiting associate professor of theater, film, and media studies.

SURF is a selective eight-week annual summer program at St. Mary’s College, where students from intentionally varied disciplines engage in directed research or creative work. While working full-time on their projects, students also participate in workshops and group meetings to sharpen their professional skills.

SURF is made possible by generous support from the Office of the Provost at St. Mary’s College, in addition to other internal funding sources. A portion of the funds go toward a stipend for the students, as well as room and board for the eight weeks.

Following is the schedule of SURF presentations:

9:15 a.m.: Opening Remarks

9:30 a.m.: Kyler B. Crank ’19

Majors: Mathematics, English

Tracing Chaos: A Study in Number Theory and Dynamical Systems

Mentor: Susan Goldstine, professor of mathematics

10:00 a.m.: Bradley Moore’20

Major: Chemistry, Minor: Biology

The Future of Solar Technology: Printing Nanomaterials

Mentor: Troy Townsend, assistant professor of chemistry

10:30 a.m.: Katie Gill ’20

Major: Anthropology, Minors: Art History, Museum Studies

Colonoware: Native and African Made Ceramics in Colonial America

Mentor: Julia A. King, professor of anthropology

11:00 a.m.: Poster Presentations(students present concurrently)

Vera Armstead ’20

Major: Psychology, Minor: English

Nicotine’s Impact on Anxiety and Drug-Seeking Behaviors in Adolescence

Mentor: Gina M. Fernandez, assistant professor of psychology

Nhu Chau ’20

Majors: Biochemistry, Biology, Minor: Neuroscience

Encapsulating L-dopa with Nanoparticles

Mentor: Torry Scott Dennis, assistant professor of psychology & neuroscience

Danielle Spaulding ’20
Majors: Chemistry, Biology

Methodology Development: Detection of Protein Formation Disruption Caused by Roundup

Mentor: Shanen M. Sherrer, assistant professor of biochemistry

12:15 p.m.: Lunch Break

1:30 p.m.: Giulia Pierpaoli ’21

Majors: English, Biology

A Sacred Right of Self-Government: Religion in the Rhetoric of the Civil War

Mentor: Brian O’Sullivan, associate professor of English

2:00 p.m.: Colleen McGuire ’20

Major: Environmental Studies

Evaluating the Effects of Oyster Restoration on Aquatic Plant Habitat

Mentor: Cassie Gurbisz, assistant professor of environmental studies

2:45 p.m.: Closing Remarks

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