My name is Cassidy Lacey, and I am honored to be applying to be part of the Gals Lead Teen Mentorship Program. Through this program, I will be embracing my platform which is to work with teen girls on building their self-esteem. As a teen girl, I was not strong and confident like I am now. I was picked on for things such as not having the prettiest hair, having to wear glasses and braces, and having bad acne.

I know what this can do to a young girls confidence, so my goal is to work with young ladies on finding their confidence and never giving up on their dreams. Bullying is a major problem in society today. I want to use my experience to connect with teens on a personal level and show them that they have a purpose and are not defined by their looks or experiences.

I want to help show them how I personally overcame these challenges to become a top model and help show them that they too can achieve their goals. Throughout the challenges I faced with bullying, I still always had a goal of becoming a model. I believed in myself to achieve this goal, and with that belief and confidence, I have gotten to where I am at today. I have networked and reached out to designers which have led me to be able to model for LA and New York fashion week.

I have used these opportunities to expand my goal to become an international model and was able to network and work with two international designers. I am continuing to build upon these relationships to ultimately fulfill my dreams. With my continued confidence, belief in myself, and drive, I can push through anything and achieve my goals and I want to help others see that they can do the same.

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David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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