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Several College of Southern Maryland (CSM) graduates and the Spring 2019 Faculty Excellence Award recipient were recognized for their achievements during the college’s recent annual Academic Excellence Awards reception. More than 30 students were hailed for maintaining high grade point averages in their areas of study while also balancing family and jobs – and in many cases two jobs.

“It is not always easy to excel, but you all did,” said CSM Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Eileen Abel. “We thank you for achieving excellence – and those who helped you to achieve it. We are a better institution because of our students.”

“To thine own self be true,” shared 2018 Faculty Excellence Award Recipient and reception guest speaker Denise Gilmer-Knudson. “This is your home now and each of you will always have a place here.”

Dr. Melanie Osterhouse, a professor of biology at CSM’s Prince Frederick Campus, was awarded with the 2019 Faculty Excellence Awardfollowing Gilmer-Knudson’s opening remarks.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce this year’s Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award for full-time faculty,” said CSM Instructor Margaret Bolton. “This is a nomination-based award that recognizes a wide range of professional accomplishments during the faculty member’s time at the College of Southern Maryland. It is based on the significance and impact of classroom teaching, institutional responsibilities, curriculum development, professional development, and community commitment.”

Osterhouse was acting chair of the Science and Engineering division for spring 2019 and previously served as program coordinator of biological sciences. She is also the discipline coordinator for allied health sciences.

“[Osterhouse] has held multiple positions of institutional responsibility to include chair of the Faculty Evaluation Committee and chair of the Promotion-Tenure Committee,” added Bolton. “She serves on the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Academic Learning Assessment Committee. She is also part of the Honors Program Development Committee and has been active in mentoring new faculty.”

Along with being licensed as a diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Radiology, Osterhouse is a sought-after speaker for chiropractic associations and conferences. She is also active in her community and serves as a charter member with Project Lead the Way Advisory Board for the Calvert County Biomedical Program. She has also participated as a science fair judge for the Charles and Calvert county fairs.

Of her teaching, Osterhouse said, “I try to create a positive and engaging learning environment by building relationships with my students.”

The following is a list of CSM graduates and their academic achievement awards:

Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

  • Distinguished Honors in History: Patrick Goemaere
  • Outstanding Art Student of the Year: Liane Beckley
  • Outstanding Achievement in Teacher Education: Melissa Ballew
  • Outstanding Achievement in Early Childhood Development: Kyndall Paige Sampson
  • Distinguished Honors in Music: Franchezka Matundan
Franchezka Matundan receives the Distinguished Honors in Music Award from Dr. Stephen Johnson, Professor/Chair, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education Division, and Discipline Coordinator for Music, Theate, and Dance.

Business, Technology, and Public Service

  • George Flynn Memorial Accounting Award: Jenny Rebecca Horling
  • Outstanding Business Student: Tabitha E. Dunn
  • Outstanding Information Services Technology Student: Tamara S. Fraher
  • Outstanding Computer Science Student: Joshua Ryan Le?er
  • Outstanding Energy Systems Technology Student: Courtney Maines Chase
  • Outstanding Cybersecurity Student: Sandra Marie Husband
  • Outstanding Hospitality Management Student: Lauren Ashleigh Fowler
  • Outstanding Achievement in Criminal Justice: Elizabeth Claire Prather
  • Outstanding Homeland Security Student: Ashley Proctor Page
  • Outstanding Construction Management Student: Loretta Ann Grimes

Health Sciences

English, Communication, and Languages

  • John Lamiman Writing Award: Liane Beckley
  • Distinguished Honors in Communication: Brittany Renee Cartner and Niquisha B. Keys
  • Wayne Karlin Award for Fiction: Lyndsay Larson
  • Wayne Karlin Award for Poetry: Nicholas Ritter


  • Outstanding Mathematics Student: Emily Wilkinson
  • Outstanding Progress in Mathematics: Anna Bonney and Miriam Bonney

Science and Engineering

  • Outstanding Achievement in Biology: David Sebulime and Caitlin Addison
  • Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry: David Sebulime and Cameron Allen
  • Outstanding Engineering Student: Janne Michelle Reyes
  • Outstanding Engineering Technology Student: Christopher Mansfield

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