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Indian Head, MD- The La Plata Volunteer Fire Department(LPVFD) recently held it’s 90th Annual Installation and Awards Banquet. The desserts were provided by Michelle’s Cakes, a local baker that has been providing cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries for events and parties in the area for a few years now.

At the banquet, they released” Welcome to the Party” a compilation of the Company’s runs throughout the 2018 year. Sometimes we take what the firefighters do for granted. But watch this video, and see how these men and women sacrifice everything to protect our homes, belongings, families, and property. Thank you for all that you do.

The history of the LPVFD is rich and this is taken from their website( I couldn’t write anything more than they could about their history in their words…)

” The need for such a fire fighting force in La Plata and Charles County existed for over three hundred years but had never been satisfied. In 1926 after a considerable struggle the residents of the Town of La Plata took a history-making step. A step that would eventually lead all of Charles County into realizing the need for adequate fire protection. This so-called Commission of Fire could certainly be called the founders of Fire Protection for Charles County. All of our citizens owe a great deal to H. H. Hawkins, F. Brooke Matthews, Ralph M. Lorenze, Thomas P. McDonagh, and Thomas B. R. Mudd. This commission’s efforts, along with the fine example of the Leonardtown Volunteers a year earlier, the efforts and interest of the La Plata Founding Volunteer Members, and the support of all the men and ladies of La Plata were responsible for founding the La Plata Volunteer Fire Department.

At the first formal meeting of the La Plata Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. held at the Court House in La Plata a truly great step was made on Friday, December 6, 1929. Thirty-four La Plata residents committed themselves to the task of providing the force necessary to control Charles County’s awesome enemy, “Fire.” Shortly thereafter a committee made of H. Maxwell Mitchell, Thomas P. McDonagh, and Ralph M. Lorenze tackled the task of providing modern automotive equipment to replace the hose cart, buckets, and small ladders that made up the then present equipment of the Fire Department. The “fire fighting squad” as the then active members were called before their formal training and set about the task of protecting life and property as best they could under very difficult circumstances.

A Ways and Means sub-committee made up of supporting ladies of La Plata went to work on Fundraising hitting the business houses of La Plata to the tune of $1,217.15. This committee made up of Mrs. Maxwell Mitchell, Chairman; Mrs. Wilson Bowling, Mrs. John Compton, Mrs. Edith Bird, Mrs. Beverly Barnes, Miss Mattee Owen, Miss Elizabeth Barnes, and Mrs. Evelyn Bowling secured permission for the use of the High School building for the purpose of a Firemen’s Ball to raise money for the Department. This Firemen’s Ball soon evolved into an annual affair.

You can read more on the history here.

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