By: David M. Higgins II

I was hesitant about delving into this subject, as it is touchy. There are so many views and it seems whenever you speak your opinion nowadays, you get attacked from the opposite side.

Well, I decided to go put this up. I have an idea for enacting common-sense gun control that doesn’t involve confiscation of firearms or outright bans. Most law-abiding firearm owners are open to the idea of common-sense gun control that doesn’t involve taking them. Sixty-nine percent of NRA members expressed support for comprehensive background checks(2018 study). The people who don’t want any more gun control are the ones who will more than likely use them improperly.

When you get your license, you are licensed to drive vehicles in a certain class. Let’s treat firearms like that. All the details aren’t worked out, but the basic gist is “classes” and certification. Sure you can argue that the Supreme Court has ruled you do not need a permit to exercise a right. However, I don’t think of it as exercising the right, but more like trained to use certain tools.

So for each class of firearms, you have to go through an approved and licensed training course. In the course, you will learn proper usage, care, storage, etc.

Upon completeion, you will have to take a written and physical test, along with submitting to a psychological exam. You will have to show that you have a proper and secure storage location. You’re wanting of a certain class is also taken into consideration. We could even go as far as recertification after a certain period of time.

Now for each class of guns, you want to use, you have to be certified in that class.

I believe this common-sense addresses the issues. Those who are licensed have proven they can use, store, and care for the firearm properly. They have proven that they are of sound mind. And you do not have individuals owning higher-powered firearms that haven’t been trained to properly use them.

Americans are fiercely protective of our freedoms and rights. Many great men and women have fought, bled, and died for them. But Americans are also smart enough to know we need to do something.

As I said, it’s just an opinion, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it, along with any ideas you may have. But let’s keep it civil, nothing ever gets done with name-calling and arguing; just ask Congress how that’s working out.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

David M. Higgins was born in Baltimore and grew up in Southern Maryland. He has had a passion for journalism since high school. After spending many years in the Hospitality Industry he began working in...