News Release, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

St. Mary’s College of Maryland is one of the nation’s best institutions for undergraduates to earn their college degree, according to The Princeton Review. The education services company profiles and recommends St. Mary’s College in the 2020 edition of its annual college guide, “The Best 385 Colleges.”

Only about 13 percent of America’s 3,000 four-year colleges are profiled in the book, which is one of The Princeton Review’s most popular publications. The company chooses colleges for the book based on data it annually collects from administrators at hundreds of colleges about their institutions’ academic offerings. The Princeton Review also considers data it gathers from its surveys of college students who rate and report on various aspects of their campus and community experiences for this project.

In the profile on St. Mary’s College, The Princeton Review quotes students the company surveyed for the book. Regarding the College’s academics, “Students boast that the school is ‘a place to grow as a person and become part of a lifelong family.’ Students enjoy classes that are always ‘challenging but never impossible’ taught by professors who ‘get to know you personally’ and ‘take an interest in your future.’”

Regarding student life at the College, The Princeton Review states, “In spring, when the weather is warm, ‘people enjoy the waterfront and natural landscape around campus.’ Whether they are admiring ‘the beauty of the St. Mary’s River’ from a kayak, ‘[tanning] on the docks,’ ‘taking walks in the woods,’ or keeping warm next to a bonfire, outdoor activities are popular and ‘only a short walk from the campus center.’ For others, there is nothing better ‘on a warm day’ than ‘to sit outside at the campus center or on the patio of an academic building with a cup of coffee and a few friends.’”

The Princeton Review’s school profiles and ranking in “The Best 385 Colleges” are posted at where they can be searched for free with site registration.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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