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The Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation (YLD) is currently accepting applications for its 2019 Scholarships and Special Projects related to leadership development. The awards are in memory of Deputy Fire Chief James G. Yvorra, Emergency Medical Technician Donald E. Sellers, and Chief John M. Eversole. Any active career or volunteer Fire, Rescue, EMS, or Emergency Management member or active duty or reserve U.S. military member who serves in an emergency response position is eligible. 

Annual awards are approximately $2,500 each and three awards will be issued totaling $7,500. In addition to one award for firefighters, there is an award set aside for Hazardous Materials Responders and one for Emergency Medical Service Responders. Special awards of greater value may be issued for leadership development related special projects proposed by individuals or groups. 

Since 1989, YLD has awarded $195,000 to 102 award recipients.

To request an application go to and click “Applications”. The deadline for applications is October 30, 2019, and awards are usually announced in late December.

Providing financial support for 31 years to qualified applicants to pursue advanced leadership development training and education.

Yvorra Leadership Development (YLD) is a non-profit private foundation designed to promote leadership development among members of the fire, hazardous materials, and emergency medical services communities. The Foundation was created to continue the efforts of DFC James G. Yvorra who dedicated his life’s work to the betterment of fire and emergency medical services.
Individuals may apply for scholarships or groups may apply for funding for a leadership related project.

The selection criteria include:

  • Potential for the applicant to have a positive impact on the future of his or her organization and the emergency services community, especially as it relates to developing future leaders.
  • Demonstrated a strong commitment to professionalism and becoming a good leader in the emergency services through training and education
  • Currently serving as an active duty civilian or military career or volunteer firefighter or emergency management officer.
  • Analysis of three letters of recommendation submitted with the application.

Consideration will be given to any individual with a level of experience ranging from firefighter, company officer, chief officer, or emergency management officer.

Applicants may also apply for the Donald E. Sellers Scholarship for Emergency Medical Responders and the Chief John M. Eversole scholarship for Hazardous Materials Emergency Responders. For complete information and an application, please visit: and be sure to visit us on Facebook!

How You Can Donate

The Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation welcomes contributions from individuals, groups, and corporations who share YLD’s goals and objectives. The Foundation also accepts special financial contributions to support the long-term goals of the organization. Examples include bequeaths, royalties through publications, grants, and endowments. Please contact Michael Hildebrand, YLD President, at, or donate online at

All contributions are tax-deductible. The Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation (YLD) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. The Foundation operates under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code and as an organization described in section 501(c)(3) and 509(a) of the Code.

In 2016 the Yvorra Leadership Develop Foundation minted its first challenge coin. The front of our challenge coin shows the Foundation’s logo, date of founding, and our web site address. Each coin is numbered. Issue #1 is shown in the photo.

The obverse side of the coin shows the six primary attributes of becoming a good leader in the emergency services as determined by the opinions of our award recipients over the last three decades.

We will proudly send you one or more challenge coins for a donation of $25 per coin. This covers our production and mailing costs. Use the DONATE button on our website, select $25 or other amounts. On the Checkout page, you’ll see an “additional note” box for you to provide us with your name and mailing address.

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