News Release via Facebook, Calvert County Government

The Dominion Energy Cove Point LNG terminal to begin scheduled maintenance and comprehensive inspection outage September 20th. The outage is scheduled to last about three weeks.

Higher levels of sound are expected to be produced at the beginning and end of the outage as systems are taken out of service and brought back into service. One of the initial actions is to depressurize systems and equipment used to produce liquefied natural gas, in preparation for servicing them. Inert nitrogen gas is used to purge the systems and equipment of hydrocarbon gases and make them safe to service.

Once this process is complete, the hydrocarbon gases undergo controlled combustion in a process called “flaring,” which takes place within an isolated and secure area on the plant site. This action is in accordance with Maryland’s environmental regulations. Purging and flaring occur at the start of the outage and at the end of the outage.

The flaring process may temporarily produce a strong, harmless odor usually associated with natural gas that has been odorized to aid in leak detection and repair.

Maintenance activities during this outage may cause the odor to briefly occur at times. Weather conditions can also impact this. Dominion Energy apologizes for this possible inconvenience. Where possible, our team will work to minimize this potential impact.

The flaring process is carefully monitored, and the site gas detection systems function to protect the safety and health of the public and the employees. Calvert County emergency preparedness organizations are aware of this occurrence. If you have questions about this outage, please email Dominion Energy Cove Point at or by calling at 410-286-5757.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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