ST. MARY’S CITY, Md. – The St. Mary’s College sailing team was busy this weekend with competitions in Norfolk, Va and here in St. Mary’s City. The team had sailors competing in the Oyster Bowl and the Women’s Showcase B Finals. 

How it Happened

  • The Oyster Bowl was hosted by Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. The Seahawks had four boats racing and placed seventh, 12th, 14th, and 18th.Josh PaperandSam Muircame in seventh place with a total of 55 points. 12th place was captured byJack HemmelgarnandAllison Gingerichwith a total of 80 points.
  • Finishing 14th wasOscar MacGillivrayandEllie Sekowskitotaling 85 points and in 18th place wasChris BooherandRyan Laceywho tallied 116 points. As reported, it was a tricky weekend for sailing in Virginia with low wind speeds. Races had to be delayed on both Saturday and Sunday to wait for enough wind.
  • The Seahawks also took over the St. Mary’s River for the Women’s Showcase B Finals. This was a two-division regatta and St. Mary’s College placed seventh overall.Jessica BennettandGenna Viggianoraced in Division A and placed seventh with a total of 71 points.
  • St. Mary’s College placed sixth in Division B with 65 points tallied.Katherine BennettandLaura Dennisonraced in Division B and their score combined withJ. Bennett’sandViggiano’sfrom Division A gave the Seahawks an overall score of 136 points. The tides were very high on the St. Mary’s River due to tropical storm Melissa and the full moon. With wind speed being low in knots, it was a very dodgy weekend for sailing.

Up Next for the Seahawks

  • Oct 19-20 | Coed Showcase A Final | Connecticut College
  • Oct 20 | Hoya Invitational | Georgetown University

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