$3.5 Million to Allow for Testing of Thousands of Sexual Assault Evidence Kits in Maryland

News Release, Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention

ANNAPOLIS, MD- The Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention today announced that it has released the Notice of Funding Availability for the Sexual Assault Kit Testing grant program (SAKT). As a part of the grant program signed into law by Governor Larry Hogan in May, $3.5 million will be made available to the Maryland State Police and local law enforcement agencies to pay for the testing of sexual assault evidence collection kits, collected since May 1, 2018, by forensic laboratories. Named by Governor Hogan as a critical public safety priority, funding for the program will come from the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention’s existing FY 2020 budget.

“This grant program equips law enforcement with more resources to take predators off the street and helps offer a path to justice for victims and survivors of sexual assault,” said Glenn Fueston, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention. “We continue to support Governor Hogan’s mission to prioritize initiatives that support victims of crime, take criminals off our streets, and strengthen our communities.”

Grantees will be required to track, measure, and report the outcomes and outputs of the grant award quarterly. Additionally, all grantees will be required to submit a fiscal year-end report that reflects the work and progress made through the use of SAKT funds. These accountability measures aim to fulfill the Governor’s charge for fiscal accountability and funding have proven, evidence-based programs.

The deadline for applications isNovember 18 by 3 p.m.For more information about this grant, please reference theNotice of Funding Availability.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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