News Release, Charles County Public Schools

Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) is expanding the student identification (ID) badge program to all high schools, Matthew Henson and General Smallwood middle schools and Billingsley Elementary School. These schools will begin to implement the program next week. The use of ID badges provides school employees immediate recognition of who belongs in the school. Badges are also part of the CCPS safety and security strategy.

School administrators will issue each student an ID badge featuring their name, school of attendance, class grade and school year. The IDs feature a barcode at the bottom for use with procedures such as tracking student late arrivals and early dismissals. Each school has an iPad for use with the barcode that connects to the school system’s student information system, Synergy.

Students will also be able to use their badge barcode to purchase meals in the school cafeteria and check out books in the school library. Principals can implement additional uses for ID badges at their discretion. Students are responsible for wearing their ID badges daily. The main goal of the program is for all students to have a form of identification with them during the school day.

CCPS plans to complete a systemwide expansion of the program to include all students with an ID badge by the start of the next school year.

CCPS began its student ID requirement last school year in a pilot program that included La Plata High School, John Hanson Middle School, and J.P. Ryon Elementary School.

Badges feature student photos taken by Lifetouch, which also provides CCPS with the initial set of badges at each school. Students who lose or misplace their badge will have to wear a temporary one until CCPS staff can issue a replacement. Principals also can identify consequences by school for the loss of a badge or if the student forgets to wear it during the school day.

New students will have their picture taken at school and be provided a badge shortly thereafter. CCPS is using funding from the Maryland Safe Schools and Security Grant issued by the Maryland Center for School Safety to support the badge program.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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