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November 5, 2019, Commissioner Update:

Leonardtown, MD- Today’s packed schedule started with a joint meeting with the Metropolitan Commission (METCOM). We received a brief updating of the status of Capital Improvement Projects and the St. Clements Shores Wastewater Treatment Plant. We heard a presentation on Comprehensive Wastewater and Sewer Plan – Sewer Problem Areas.

Representatives from our Health Department briefed on the Bay Restoration Fund Program and we also had a discussion on EDU Allocation.

The METCOM Board passed a motion to support our legislation request for a de-coupling of debt and we then adjourned to return to Leonardtown for our regular business meeting.

Our first item of business was a brief on the St. Mary’s County Airport Innovation District Master Plan by the consultants Torti Gallas.

Second, we received a presentation on the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Naval Base Commuter Multi-Modal Planning Study (long title for a study looking at how to make traffic better).

Third, we heard a presentation on the MPO Bus Stop Assessment and Plan—the goal is to transition our STS Buses to regular stops with dedicated bus stop facilities for safety, convenience, and predictability.

After a short recess, we approved a grant award from the Maryland Highway Safety Office for the Adult BWI/DUI Recovery Program for $17,652.50 (no county match required). Next, we approved adjusting the Corrections Officers’ salary schedule to more closely align with the Charles County correctional officers’ salary scale—the mid-year salary and benefit-cost increases of $417,419 will be absorbed into the Sheriff’s Office budget.

We then approved the contract award for the Extend Runway Site Preparation Project at the airport—this contract will be for $3,090,253.60 and is awarded to Penn Avenue Construct LLC. We also approved a contract award for the design and construction of the St. Mary’s County Animal Shelter—this contract will be for $6,614,895 and is awarded to Scheibel Construction. In order to award this contract, we had to approve a budget amendment to realign $1,965,225 to cover higher than expected costs, mainly in site prep work.

Following that the Commissioners voted to approve an Animal Shelter Staffing Study using $14,500 from the Commissioners Reserve.

After that, we received a presentation on the county’s ADA efforts. The Department of Land Use and Growth Management presented the results of their six-month noise investigations and the Department of Economic Development presented on the number of events allowed on farms.

Our last item of business was a presentation on the Inclement Weather and the Snow and Ice Control Operational Plan.

No commissioner meeting next week. Hope to see you at the Veteran’s Day Parade in Leonardtown on Monday, November 11th!

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