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OST Global Solutions Approved Sponsor of Apprenticeship; Women, Minorities, and Veterans Targeted

Rockville, MD – Nov. 17, 2019 – As our country marks National Apprenticeship Week, the nation’s first-ever registered apprenticeship in government business development has been approved by the state of Maryland.  OST Global Solutions, Inc. (OST), based in Rockville, MD, will be the approved sponsor of the Apprenticeship program, which will prioritize accepting women, minorities, and veterans as candidates from Maryland employers.  

Engendering a larger pool of highly trained business development professionals to help Maryland government contractors win a greater share of federal contracts more consistently is the impetus behind the new program.

Maryland a Nationwide Leader in Registered Apprenticeships

Maryland has been a nationwide leader in apprenticeship programs, with nearly11,000 apprentices currently earning and learning in various occupations across the state.This has been in line with the federal policy of making apprenticeship programs a priority — recognizing the need to empower more industries and professions to embrace registered apprenticeship opportunities.

“OST’s new registered apprenticeship program in government business development helps ensure that Maryland remains a trailblazer in creating innovative and non-traditional programs that expand professional opportunities for Maryland workers,” said Christopher MacLarion, Director of Apprenticeship and Training with the Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning at the Maryland Department of Labor.

Apprenticeships are an earn-and-learn opportunity where individuals receive salaries and acquire the skills relevant to their chosen career.

Administering of New Apprenticeship Program

OST will administer the Apprenticeship program in support of Maryland businesses, tens of thousands of which are government contractors.

“We’re extremely happy that now we’ll be able to help address the void in the profession of government business development,” said OST’s CEO Olessia Smotrova. “Large businesses often have their own ‘universities’, but mid-tier and small businesses usually have little more than on-the-job training with a few seminars here and there. This Apprenticeship will offer a systematic way to develop skilled business development professionals to help state businesses gain new contracts with the nation’s largest customer – the government.”

The new Apprenticeship will cover 160 hours in the fields of business development (pipeline development, opportunity qualification), capture (positioning to win contracts prior to issuance of a formal solicitation for the bid), and proposal development. The Apprenticeship will combine education that OST’s Bid & Proposal Academy provides hands-on professional work and mentorship at the employer companies.

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