Last week, Xiomara Yan Nativi Quintanilla(35 y/o) stood before a Charles County judge and was sentenced to Probation before Judgement or PBJ and a fine for her failure to yield to a stopped school bus that left seven-year-old Skylar Shirrel in a medically induced coma.

There was confusion as to why the defendant was able to receive PBJ and a fine when she failed to yield for a stopped and discharging school bus, hitting one child and nearly hitting three more.

First, The Chronicle will say that we misunderstood the judgment in the case file search originally. Typically, a PBJ is given when an agreement is made between the State and the Defendant. We had believed this to be the case. We were wrong. As stated in the video from Charles County States Attorney Tony Covington, a trial was held and Ms. Nativi Quintanilla was found guilty. In this case, due to it being a non-jailable traffic offense. the judge entered the PBJ and the maximum fine allowed.

Many people on Social Media have been in an uproar regarding this, calling for the State’s Attorney and Judges to be “voted out” at the next election. These individuals do not seem to understand the roles each of these individuals plays in this process. First, the elected officials in Annapolis, Senators, and Delegates, make the laws and punishments for them. The State’s Attorney’s and Judge handle the cases that involve them. In this case, the maximum allowable sentence was given to the defendant.

As SA Covington states in his video, he advocates for change and asks the public to direct their disdain for this sentence to the appropriate people, the Maryland State Legislature and ask for change.

Again we apologize for our mistake in publishing this article without the difference between a plea and a trial. We will do a better job next time on how we report that and what steps we take to confirm how a legal issue was handled.

In wake of a first grader’s life-threatening injuries, State’s Attorney Tony Covington calls for more serious penalties for drivers who fail to stop for school buses.

Charles County Delegation:

Sen. Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. (D), Senate President, District 27
(410) 841-3700?, ?(301) 858-3700?

Del. Elizabeth G. (Susie) Proctor (D), District 27A
(410) 841-3083?, ?(301) 858-3083?

Sen. Arthur Ellis (D), District 28
(410) 841-3616?, ?(301) 858-3616?

Del. Debra M. Davis (D), District 28
(410) 841-3337?, ?(301) 858-3337?

Del. Edith J. Patterson (D), District 28
(410) 841-3247?, ?(301) 858-3247?

Del. C. T. Wilson (D), District 28
(410) 841-3325?, ?(301) 858-3325?

You can read the orginal article here”

Woman who hit child while passing stopped & discharging school bus receives PBJ & $1000 fine

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