Yesterday afternoon, Charles County Public School Superindentent Kimberley A. Hill, Ed.D, sent an email to parents/guardians of students at Gail-Bailey Elementary School in Marbury, Md, notifying them that Principal Verniece Rorie and Vice-Principal Timothy Rosin were no longer assigned there.

The change comes in the wake of an investigation into an alleged sexual assault by a fourth-grade student to another fourth-grade student.

Ms. Tangela Scales is now assigned as the Principal of the school, with Dr. Linda Gill, Executive Director of Schools temporarily there to support and mentor Ms. Scales.

Ms. Scales is transferring to Gale-Bailey from her position as vice principal at John Hanson Middle School. She has served as a Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) middle and high school vice principal since 2012. She joined CCPS in 2010 as an instructional resource teacher at Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Elementary School and began her teaching career in 2000 as an elementary school teacher. Ms. Scales has her master’s in elementary administration and her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, both from Cleveland State University in Ohio.

Dr. Gill has served as an executive director of schools since 2013. She started with CCPS in 1990 as an elementary teacher and served as an elementary vice-principal for five years and a principal for 10 years before being promoted to her current position.

“There is a continuing investigation into an incident that occurred on the playground on Oct. 29.;” says Superintendent Hill in the email, ” Incidents involving children preclude us from providing specific details, and we will always err on the side of protecting our students when faced with decisions about how much detail to share. At this time, I feel it is best to change the leadership at Gale-Bailey and provide a new principal who can help the school community — students, staff and parents — begin to move forward from the events of the past few weeks.”

Ms. Scales is known for being student-centered and community-oriented. She will schedule an open house to meet parents and community members after she starts as principal. Dr. Gill will remain at Gale-Bailey for as long as needed and until we are able to hire a highly qualified vice-principal for the school.

The Southern Maryland Chronicle will continue to bring you updates into this incident when provided or available.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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