By: Chris Higgins, Maryland International Raceway

MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (November 22nd, 2019) – The 2019 season brought almost perfect weather and stellar racing. At the end of the year, our champions would stand above the rest.

In Top ET, Jason Kirby would come into the final day with a slim points lead over fellow racer Willy Hess Sr and a few rounds over Will Kivett. In second-round eliminations, Willy Hess Sr would be eliminated from Championship contention.

Points leader Jason Kirby is eliminated in the second round. Four pairs later, all eyes would turn to Will Kivett. Kivett ended up with a broke bye to move on to third round. However, Kivett would be eliminated in the third round making Jason Kirby the 2019 Speed Unlimited ET Series Top ET Champion!

Jason Kirby Top ET Champion

The Mod ET Championship had the Burch brothers at the top with points leader Chad Burch and his older brother Keith Burch in second place. Louie Estevez and a handful of other racers were also still in contention. In the second round of eliminations, Keith Burch would be eliminated from the competition and points leader Chad Burch eliminated contender Louie Estevez.

With the round win, Chad Burch eliminated most of the remaining contenders based on points. By the end of the third round, Chad Burch is announced that he is the 2019 Speed Unlimited ET Series Mod ET Champion!

Chad Burch Mod ET Champion

The Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster championship was down to a two-driver race at the start of the day, 2018 Champion and points leader Jordan Denny and Tori Tayman. Tayman and Denny both had stellar seasons and should hold their heads high with how their season went.

Jordan Denny Junior Dragster Champion

Tayman would lose a first-round on a tough break-out and then be eliminated in the Re-Entry round. Jordan Denny now is a back-to-back Speed Unlimited ET Series Junior Dragster champion. Denny would also double up and win the race.

The Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness Grand Champion Run-Off is simple to qualify for. A driver in Pro Street or Super Street must win their class at a Midnight Madness event. Those that qualify will race each other until one is left standing.

Steve Cross Sr Midnight Madness Grand Champion

While many would qualify, Steve Cross Sr would win the Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness Grand Champion Run-off to be the 2019 Champion. Once the runoff was completed, he would roll over into the remaining rounds in Pro Street competition. Everything seemed to go right for Cross as he ended up going to the final, winning the race, and qualifying for the 2020 Grand Champion Run-off!

Qualifying for the Mobile Lab Racing Motorcycle Champions Run-Off is the same as the Grand Championship. Win the motorcycle class at a Midnight Madness event and you are going to be racing for the championship. The Mobile Lab Racing Motorcycle Championship Run-Off race had five riders at the start of the night and Francis Proctor Jr and Rafaelle Proctor would face each other in the finals.

Raffaele Proctor Mobile Lab Racing Motorcycle Champion

Rafaelle Proctor would take the win and secure the Championship. He then rolled into the motorcycle eliminations and was able to ride into the finals but fell just short of winning the night also.

The Hollyrock Custom Diesel Shootout in 2019 would run a points format similar to the Speed Unlimited ET Series held at MDIR. AJ Jenkins and Andrew Grant would fight all season for the points lead in a great back and forth battle. Jenkins came into the night with an 11 point advantage over Grant. One round could change everything.

Andrew Grant Hollyrock Customs Diesel Shootout Champion

Jenkins would be eliminated in the first round leaving the door open for Grant. Grant wins first round to trail by 1 point, then won the second round to take the points lead. Grant is finally eliminated in the fourth round of the competition but would still become the first-ever Hollyrock Customs and Winegardner Auto Group Diesel Champion.

The Ray’s Siding No Clock Street List had a great second season. On the last run of the 2019 season, all eyes were on the pair waiting to see who would be the #1 driver at the end of the night. #1 Billy Lackey would line up against a hard-charging #2 Robbie Padgett. Lackey had been consistently in the top half of the list during the season while Padgett would struggle early in the year.

About halfway through the season, Padgett would start to make strides with the car and finally be able to compete with the top of the group. Padgett flew through the field to set up a pass against Lackey on the last run of the event and of the year to see who would be the #1 driver. Lackey end up having problems and Padgett would go on a great pass to take the number one spot!

Robbie Padgett Rays Siding No Clock Street

Robbie Padgett is the #1 driver and Champion in the Ray’s Siding No Clock Street List!

Congratulations to all of MDIR’s class champions for 2019!

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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