Arrest briefs and mugshots provided courtesy of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

12/05/19- William Lamont Barnes, age 37 of Lexington Park– FTA/CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana (four counts), CDS: Possession-Paraphernalia, and Driving Motor Vehicle on Highway or Public Use Property on Suspended License and Privilege by Dep. T. Snyder# 342. Barnes was also served a warrant for  Driving Uninsured Motor Vehicle by Cpl. Seyfried# 217.  CASE# 69720-19/69663-19

William Lamont Barnes

12/06/19- Monroe Maurice Gantt, age 52 of Lexington Park- Possess-Open Container by DFC. Budd# 325.  CASE# 69790-19

Monroe Maurice Gantt 

12/06/19- Kristina Ann Himes, age 35 of Great Mills– FTA/Trespass Private Property by Dep. Hersh# 343.  CASE# 69847-19

Kristina Ann Himes

12/06/19- John Wesley Lonkert IV, age 40 of Ridge– Burglary 1st, 2nd, 4th Degree, Theft and Theft Scheme by Dep. Westphal# 337.  CASE# 57764-19

John Wesley Lonkert IV

12/06/19- Timothy Jerome Baker, age 53 of Lexington Park– FTA/Child Support by Cpl. Worrey# 152.  CASE# 69831-19

Timothy Jerome Baker

12/06/19- Mark Allen Nalborczyk, age 31 of Jessup– CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana and CDS: Possession-Paraphernalia by DFC. Budd# 325.  CASE# 69826-19

Mark Allen Nalborczyk 

12/07/19- Shannon Elisabeth Lane, age 39 of Mechanicsville– FTA/two counts of Theft by Cpl. Maloy# 137.  CASE# 70175-19

Shannon Elisabeth Lane 

12/08/19- Aubrey Robbie Robinson, age 27 of no fixed address– Theft by Dep. Henry# 333.  CASE# 66636-19

Aubrey Robbie Robinson 

12/09/19- Zachary Alan Kiger, age 30 of Lexington Park– Violation of Probation/Driving Under the Influence by Cpl. Flerlage# 241.  CASE# 70523-19

Zachary Alan Kiger

12/09/19- Walter Loyd Jr., age 60 of Lexington Park– Driving on Suspended License by Dep. Forbes# 341.  CASE# 70606-19

Walter Loyd Jr. 

12/09/19- Chester Arnold Lanehart IV, age 19 of Mechanicsville– Assault 2nd Degree by DFC. Holdsworth# 305.  CASE# 70622-19

Chester Arnold Lanehart IV 

12/10/19- Daniel Leon Lindsey Jr., age 32 of Chaptico– Arson/Threat and Violate Protective Order by DFC. Holdsworth# 305.  CASE# 69676-19

Daniel Leon Lindsey Jr. 

12/10/19- William Thomas Douglas, age 38 of Lexington Park– Assault 2nd Degree by Cpl. Flerlage# 241.  CASE# 70738-19

William Thomas Douglas

12/10/19- Shannon Lee Flanagin, age 38 of Lexington Park– Failure to Appear by Dep. Luffey# 352.  CASE# 70647-19

Shannon Lee Flanagin 

12/10/19- Stefanie Christin Brummit, age 32 of Mechanicsville– CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana by Dep. Manns# 275.  CASE# 70760-19

Stefanie Christin Brummit 

12/10/19- Alexander Holley Gough, age 61 of Lexington Park– FTA/Assault 2nd Degree by Cpl. Kirkner# 133.  CASE# 70756-19

Alexander Holley Gough

12/10/19- De’Aundre Tyrique Keys, age 22 of Lexington Park– two counts of CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana by Dep. Manns# 275.  CASE# 70742-19

De’Aundre Tyrique Keys 

12/11/19- Corey Coneil Contee, age 48 of Annapolis– two counts of Violation of Probation by Dep. Fenwick# 338.  CASE# 70999-19

Corey Coneil Contee 

12/12/19- Thomas Emanuel Gross, age 34 of Lexington Park– CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana by Dep. Graves# 354.  CASE# 71054-19

Thomas Emanuel Gross 

Criminal Citations:

12/05/19- Richard Edward Wood Jr., age 35 of Mechanicsville– Theft by DFC. Holdsworth# 305.  CASE# 69712-19 (No Photograph Available)

12/08/19- Anthony Michael Scott, age 46 of Lexington Park- Theft by Dep. Henry# 333.  CASE# 70351-19 (No Photograph Available)

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