By: Lynne O’Meara, Southern Maryland Restaurants

I decided to check out the new African restaurant in Waldorf. The food has so much flavor and is delicious! Owner’s Confidence and Oluwaseun serve wonderful African food. Since both are from Nigeria, most of the menu are recipes they grew up eating. Although they met in Nigeria, they are from different tribes and bring slightly different foods. They also have a stew made by a lady from Ghana.

Open for just over two months, the restaurant has a warm, comfortable feel. Although they have counter-service, they do have several tables for you to sit and enjoy your meal.

Confidence and Oluwasun are delightful! We spent a lot of time talking! Most of the cooking is handled by Confidence with the help of her mother-in-law and two other ladies. Manager Daniel, and her husband Oluwasun, help out too! Confidence told me everyone who works there is like family. She wanted to open a restaurant for years and say this first restaurant is, “a dream come true”.

Since I’d never been to an African restaurant, I wanted to taste everything. Confidence did just that…brought me a taste of everything. I tried Stew (beans and rice), Beans Porridge, Jollof Rice (slow-cooked), Yam Porridge, Goat, Plantain, Melon Soup, Peanut Stew, Spinach, Chicken, Fish, and Puff-Puff. See my menu photos for descriptions of items.

I enjoyed everything. All the bean and rice dishes have a lot of flavors. The Plantains (you know I love plantains!!) are cooked fresh (not frozen, as some do). Confidence told me she waits for them to reach the correct ripeness before she cooks them. They are so tasty! The Yam Porridge and Peanut Stew were also favorites. I tried the Goat (I know…some people don’t like eating goat, but it is a part of the African culture), it was good and gamier tasting than most meat I eat.

The spices/flavors used in Nigerian cooking include garlic, ginger, paprika, bay leaf, thyme, curry, white pepper, habanero.

The Chicken and the Grilled Fish (under Build Your Plate on the menu) were fabulous! Both are marinated in spices overnight. The chicken is baked, and the fish is grilled. The beans, in some of the recipes, are called honey beans because they are as sweet as honey.

There were a couple of items in a Quick Eats warmer…Puff-Puff (like doughnuts) and Jerk Beef Patties. The Puff-Puffs are amazing! So light and sweet!

Confidence has a cake business called Cake Satisfaction and she makes wonderful cakes from scratch. She showed me pictures of some of her fabulous wedding cakes. She has slices of cakes for sale at the restaurant. I brought a couple of home with me! The Carrot Cake and the Chocolate Cake were worth the calories! Delicious!

Confidence told me she wants people to know they make authentic African food from scratch, using fresh ingredients. She also takes catering and cake orders.

If you have been looking for an African restaurant, you are in luck! If you have never tried African food, you need to visit Choba’s!

Choba’s African Kitchen and Bakery are located at 3240 Crain Highway (behind Chipotle) in Waldorf. Their hours are Monday-Wednesday 12 pm-9 pm, Thursday 12 pm-7 pm, Friday-Saturday 12 pm-9 pm, Sunday they are closed.

Check them out:



Rating (out of 5):

  • Food – 4.8
  • Service – 4.6
  • Ambiance – 4.3

Total – 4.6

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